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Featured Play Set and Swing Set Mats for Under Swings

Safety is essential in any playground, and swing... Read More
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Swing mats bring many practical benefits to your playground. They provide an added amount of safety for any swing set: These thick rubber mats help absorb shock when kids hop off the swing, preventing leg injury. They also help to prevent erosion of loose safety surfacing beneath the swings as kids jump on and off of the swings, so by keeping mats under your swings, you can cut down on playground maintenance. A key attribute of these mats is their versatility; they can be interconnected to create larger surface areas tailored to specific needs, all while maintaining their non-slip and anti-fatigue properties.

Various sizes and shapes are available to suit different swing heights and types, and they come with straight or beveled edges. Some swing mats are also available in a range of colors so you can match your equipment. These mats are essential for any playground with swings, and they’re crafted from commercial-grade rubber; some products also incorporate recycled rubber for added eco-friendliness. You can also buy rubber mats in custom colors, like green, red, or brown, as well as black.

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