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Keep your Playgrounds Safe and Compliant with our Affordable Maintenance Service

If you oversee a public playground that is frequented by young children, the need to constantly address new maintenance and safety issues is inevitable.

It’s as sure as your vehicle needing regular oil changes, repairs, and checkups.

However, unlike the worst case scenario of simply suffering through a long afternoon in the blazing sun until Roadside Assistance arrives, not properly servicing and maintaining your playground equipment could have infinitely more extreme consequences: innocent children being injured, massive lawsuits, and while likely the least of your worries, even your job could be at stake if you’re the one found to have been negligible.

All of those issues, and many more, are now forever solved with our new AAA State of Play Playground Maintenance Plans.

Whether you already have, or are seeking new playground equipment for Parks, Schools, Apartment Complexes, or a Homeowner Association, we will provide you a plan specifically tailored to your needs and frequency of maintenance requirements.

We currently offer Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, and Weekly plans; or even timely On-Demand service at your request.

Here at AAA State of Play, we fully recognize that not all maintenance requirements are created equal, which is why we provide fully customized price quotes upon analyzing the site of your particular establishment.

To hold true to our guarantee of never overcharging, we send out nationally certified playground safety inspectors to carefully assess each situation, and provide a price quote unique to your circumstances.

No matter a job large or small, we pride ourselves on providing the fairest price and optimal service your establishment deserves.

Have a look at just a Sampling of the Features and Benefits our Maintenance Plans will provide to your Organization Below:


  • Custom maintenance plans are available for any establishment in need; whether your equipment was purchased from other dealers and / or has already been heavily used.
  • Not only do we take a keen look at your equipment to see if it’s in working order and to make sure nothing is broken, but also check your surface levels such as mulch to see if more is needed, rake over the surface in this instance, and more.
  • Any loose bolts, screws, or fasteners will be replaced and tightened as needed.
  • If a part happens to be broken or unsafe on the equipment, we will notify the proper contact with the option to fix or replace.
  • We also specialize in refurbishments and retrofitting; so if your equipment is old and worn, not only can we take decades off the appearance and mechanical wear and tear, but also add on new parts and accessories to bring the equipment up-to-date: quite literally a full Playground Renovation.
  • Specializing exclusively in outdoor playground equipment, we are able to firmly guarantee our expertise is top level, and laser targeted to your needs.
  • Nationally Certified playground safety inspectors complete all maintenance performed.
  • All completed work is compliant to the National standard ASTM F1487 and CPSC guidelines, enabling us to guarantee you remain in compliance when using our custom recommended service schedule.
  • We service Parks, Schools, Apartment Complexes, Homeowner Associations, and any other commercial playground location catering to public use.
  • The amount of use the playground routinely gets will be the determining factor in what maintenance program to select. In order to provide you with optimal safety standards and quality of service, price quotes are customized based on the site of the playground(s). We provide this flexibility to ensure you never overpay for service you don’t need.
  • Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, and Weekly plans are available, or even hire us on demand as needed.

Immediate and Residual Benefits of our Plans:

  • Your equipment will remain in proper working order, allowing kids to play freely while reducing the risk of injury.
  • Keeping your equipment well kept using our service goes a long way towards showing insurance companies due diligence of regular routine maintenance; which, in the advent of an accident, will increase the chances of your claim being covered exponentially.
  • We supply you with detailed service records for insurance and historical purposes; allowing you to better position and document against potential lawsuits.
  • Our service will be cheaper than training an employee to simply catch up to our level of expertise. Now you can keep your maintenance department maintaining the school, and not the playground.
  • And there will be so much more…

Whether you have a small Castle set with just two slides, or huge, super-sized showcase playground structures in your park, when you entrust AAA State of Play with your playground maintenance, you can rest assured that all your ongoing issues and worries, and even problems that you never even realized existed, will now be instantly solved with our all inclusive, playground maintenance and safety services.

Are you ready to ensure hundreds or thousands of kids’ safety today? Simply send us an email or give us a Call during business hours, and we will promptly schedule your appointment with one of our certified specialists to provide a customized price quote.

Get on the road to reduced liability and a better peace of mind today:

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Helping Kids the World Over play safer one Playground at a time.

Kevin Van Wye

Director of Sales

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