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Playground Maintenance Plans


Why Safety Checks are Important

Just as a car requires regular upkeep like oil changes or repairs, commercial-grade recreation equipment needs to be inspected to guarantee it is safe for continued use. The wellness of kids should be of the utmost importance to site managers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 200,000 children 14 and younger suffer a playground-related injury every year in the United States. Preventative care contributes to peace of mind in the community surrounding the playground and ensures a steady cycle of repeat visitors.

Additionally, consistent safety checks and property cleanup reduces the likelihood of injuries that could potentially find the playground owner liable for damages. Finally, habitual examination and repair can maximize the life of your playground investments.

Good maintenance practices should be implemented for all parts of your playground, from the surfacing and borders to the play equipment itself.

Developing a Maintenance Schedule

Establishing a routine is critical to maintaining the durability of the playground’s attractions and keeping your grounds clean, pleasant and inviting. Timing and repair actions can vary based on the number and type of items you have on your playground. Decide on when you’ll be performing preventative care and stick to that schedule. Site grounds and equipment could be inspected daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or some combination of these.

When drafting a plan, consider your play equipment categories, local weather patterns, amenity requirements, and guest frequency.

Schedules appropriate for some sites might be unfeasible for other locations. For example, midwestern playgrounds will have to plan for eventual snow while a playground in the southwest region is more likely to suffer from recurring heat exposure.

Complex products with lots of moving parts, like swings, will naturally benefit from more frequent checks compared to simple objects like a set of parallel bars. Is the playground adjacent to a high traffic location with lots of passerby or in a more remote rural area? Some sites will see larger use rates and need to be checked more often. The general age of the equipment and its intended user category also impact schedule making.

Older installations benefit from more regular inspections. And products popular with children, like merry-go-rounds or slides, will typically need more frequent care than items geared toward adults, like a fitness park’s sports equipment. These are all things that can affect how often you need to inspect the property and evaluate the care needed for your recreation area.

Cleaning Goals

There are numerous ways to keep your playground in tip-top shape. Seasonal concerns that might otherwise make a site off-putting can be alleviated by periodically raking leaves or shoveling snow. If trees are a big part of the playground’s surroundings, make a point to look at any overhanging branches above the play area to cut off dead limbs as necessary.

Check grounds for organic waste or standing water within the confines of the playground boundaries. Pick up and throw away any and all loose garbage, particularly dangerous trash like broken glass.

Finally, playgrounds can suffer from run-ins with reckless or malevolent people. Make a point to remove unsightly graffiti as soon as possible to dissuade repeat occurrences.

What to Look For

Hardware and Framework Checks

Examine Surfacing and Borders

How Can We Help?

A playground should always be a fun and worry-free environment. While many problems at a site can be handled by an organization’s personnel, there can be occasions when a bit more assistance is required. For times like these, our trained experts know what issues to look for and how to repair them. Our team will:

We will provide you with the tools and information necessary to maintain your equipment’s excellent performance and keep your playground a popular destination for years to come. Our veteran staff has helped clients across the US and internationally. We are here and ready to answer any of your questions. Call or email today!

Maintain your playground and keep kids safe! We can helpl!

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