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Commercial Playground Equipment Manufacturers

AAA State of Play has chosen quality manufacturers to offer to our customers. With excellent warranties and service, you can be sure that you will be happy, no matter which manufacturer you choose.

  • Angeles

    Angeles: AAA State of Play offers many tricycles, helmets, classroom accessories, active play items, classroom carpets, storage, the Bye-Bye Buggy, and much more. view all Angeles products

  • Big Top Toys

    Big Top Toys: AAA State of Play offers Big Top Toys including the merry go cycle! Find highly specialized early childhood playground equipment from Big Top Toys. view all Big Top Toys products

  • Big Toys

    Big Toys: Big Toys offers a variety of educational products as well as outdoor play equipment that specifically tones and works children's growing bodies. view all Big Toys products

  • Champion Sports

    Champion Sports: Champion Sports provides accessories for just about any sport! Exercise equipment, coach's accessories, and storage items can all be found at Champion Sports. view all Champion Sports products

  • Child Works

    Child Works: AAA State of Play features indoor playgrounds, swing seats and parts, timbers, water building blocks, and spring riders from Child Works. view all Child Works products

  • Childforms Playground Equipment and Accessories for Sale

    Childforms Playground Equipment and Accessories for Sale: AAA State of Play offers timbers, spring riders, fun hoop game, and wheelchair ramps for playgrounds all made by Childforms. view all Childforms Playground Equipment and Accessories for Sale products

  • Dero

    Dero: Dero is an innovative company specializing in high-quality bike repair stations, secure racks, and other essential infrastructure for cyclists. view all Dero products


    DOGIPOT: Help maintain a clean environment with DOGIPOT dog waste bags and products from AAA State of Play. We have everything you need for safe outdoor fun! view all DOGIPOT products

  • ECR4Kids

    ECR4Kids: Choose ECR4Kids to outfit your classroom with the best products. Accessories for teachers as well as play time items for students are high quality and long lasting. view all ECR4Kids products

  • Freenotes Harmony Outdoor Musical Instruments

    Freenotes Harmony Outdoor Musical Instruments: Our Freenotes Harmony Park provides a unique take on musical instruments for outdoor use. Create a musical park with our playground specialists. view all Freenotes Harmony Outdoor Musical Instruments products

  • Frog Furnishings

    Frog Furnishings: AAA State of Play features several chairs, benches, picnic tables, trash receptacles, message centers, and planters that are manufactured by Frog Furnishings. view all Frog Furnishings products

  • Gared

    Gared: GARED is an established provider of commercial grade sports solutions suitable for gyms large and small. They produce equipment for playing basketball, football, baseball and much more! view all Gared products

  • Grounds for Play

    Grounds for Play: Grounds for Play offers a variety of products that use research-based concepts for child development through play. view all Grounds for Play products

  • GT Grandstands

    GT Grandstands: Choose GT Grandstands for their wide variety of safe, solid, reliable bleachers that are designed for every type of event from sports to musical to school. view all GT Grandstands products

  • Infinity

    Infinity: Infinity Playground Equipment is committed to bringing kids safe and engaging equipment that promotes social, mental, and physical development. view all Infinity products

  • International Mulch Company Playground Safety Products

    International Mulch Company Playground Safety Products: Use the International Mulch Company for your recycled rubber mulch needs. Rubber mulch can be used as safety surfacing or in landscaping. view all International Mulch Company Playground Safety Products products

  • Jensen

    Jensen: AAA State of Play features many great Jensen Swing items like swing seats, safety harnesses, swing chain, and frame fittings. view all Jensen products

  • Little Tikes Commercial Play Equipment for Playgrounds and Parks

    Little Tikes Commercial Play Equipment for Playgrounds and Parks: AAA State of Play offers animal climbers, a triple hoop game, spring riders, climbers, early childhood, products, and a slide, all manufactured by Little Tikes Commercial. view all Little Tikes Commercial Play Equipment for Playgrounds and Parks products

  • MyTCoat

    MyTCoat: Browse MyTCoat for a large selection of commercial grade site amenities in a variety of styles of metal, colors, sizes, and shapes. view all MyTCoat products

  • Nature of Early Play

    Nature of Early Play: Nature of Early Play is the environmentally forward thinking option with early childhood based equipment for classroom and outdoor learning experiences. view all Nature of Early Play products

  • NetPlay

    NetPlay: Choose NetPlay for unique play structures formed from rope and steel. A flexible playground will fill playtime with intrigue as children safely explore the equipment. view all NetPlay products

  • Percussion Play

    Percussion Play: Purchase Percussion Play outdoor musical equipment to transform any outdoor area into a fun, inclusive, immersive location for all ages. view all Percussion Play products

  • Pierceton

    Pierceton: AAA State of Play offers rubber boulders, rubber climbing animals, and rubber playground safety mats manufactured by Pierceton Rubber Products. view all Pierceton products

  • Playground Equipment Dot-com

    Playground Equipment Dot-com: AAA State of Play offers adult fitness, swings, climbers, spring bouncers, and structures of all sizes from view all Playground Equipment Dot-com products

  • Playmore Designs

    Playmore Designs: Choose Playmore Designs for an environmentally responsible, musically inclined outdoor play equipment choice that promotes learning for the whole child. view all Playmore Designs products

  • Playsafer

    Playsafer: AAA State of Play offers playground wear mats, rubber curbs, and recycled rubber mulch from Playsafer. view all Playsafer products

  • Quality Commercial Playground Equipment by Play Mart Playgrounds

    Quality Commercial Playground Equipment by Play Mart Playgrounds: Play Mart is an industry leader in recycled plastic manufacturing of commercial play equipment that suits all ages of children from 6 months through 12 years. view all Quality Commercial Playground Equipment by Play Mart Playgrounds products

  • R3 Play

    R3 Play: R3 utilize recycled plastic posts and decks to create commercial play systems that benefit the environment and offer plenty of fun activities for kids. view all R3 Play products

  • Sandlock Sandboxes For Sale

    Sandlock Sandboxes For Sale: AAA State of Play offers three sizes of sandboxes from Sandlock. view all Sandlock Sandboxes For Sale products

  • SPI Plastics

    SPI Plastics: SPI Plastics is a manufacturer of commercial indoor play spaces including traditional padded post systems complete with netting and slides. view all SPI Plastics products

  • SportsPlay Equipment

    SportsPlay Equipment: AAA State of Play offers fitness equipment, site amenities, sports accessories, spring riders, structures, and more manufactured by SportsPlay. view all SportsPlay Equipment products

  • SRP

    SRP: AAA State of Play features a little bit of everything from SRP! You will find climbers, bouncers, fitness equipment, structures, musical elements, swings, and more! view all SRP products

  • Superior Amenities Outdoor Furniture Products & Accessories For Playgrounds

    Superior Amenities Outdoor Furniture Products & Accessories For Playgrounds: AAA State of Play features a wide variety of Superior Amenities grills, benches, picnic tables, and more! view all Superior Amenities Outdoor Furniture Products & Accessories For Playgrounds products

  • Superior Shade Structures For Playgrounds and Parks

    Superior Shade Structures For Playgrounds and Parks: AAA State of Play offers many shapes of shades from Superior Shade. view all Superior Shade Structures For Playgrounds and Parks products

  • TotTurf

    TotTurf: AAA State of Play offers poured in place surfacing, mulch bonded surfacing, artificial grass surfacing, and water play rubber surfacing from Tot Turf. view all TotTurf products

  • Ultra Play

    Ultra Play: AAA State of Play features climbers, early childhood items, and Discovery Centers by Ultra Play. view all Ultra Play products

  • Ultra Site

    Ultra Site: AAA State of Play features grills, picnic tables, bike racks, dog park equipment, benches, receptacles, and more from Ultra Site. view all Ultra Site products

  • Unity Surfacing Systems

    Unity Surfacing Systems: Unity Surfacing Systems produces lightweight and durable recycled rubber safety surfacing tiles for recreational areas, rooftops, and playgrounds. view all Unity Surfacing Systems products

  • Zeager Brothers

    Zeager Brothers: AAA State of Play features Zeager's engineered wood fiber, drain tiles, and geotextile fabric. view all Zeager Brothers products

At AAA State of Play, we offer equipment from a variety of commercial playground equipment manufacturers. Each playground design is unique, and you may need to incorporate pieces from different playground equipment manufacturers to create the perfect play space for your needs. You need to have options available for your playground equipment, which is why we work with a variety of playground companies. When you are ready to buy, you can sort our products by the playground equipment companies that make them or by the type of equipment that you are looking to add to your playground.

As you plan your next playground or you are looking to replace outdated equipment, you may be thinking of using specific playground equipment suppliers. At AAA State of Play, we work with top playground manufacturers to provide you with a variety of options and price ranges for your playground structures. We also have shade structures, surfacing materials, and seating options available to purchase.

Why Do These Playground Equipment Companies Stand Out?

At AAA State of Play, we only work with companies that make the highest-quality playground equipment. Our commercial playground units boast numerous features that ensure their quality, safety, and longevity. They are constructed from commercial-grade, high-quality materials and come with a robust warranty. Each unit is certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA), emphasizing our commitment to safety and durability. And every product is carefully crafted to satisfy or surpass established safety guidelines.

Our offerings include a diverse range of products and designs, from traditional modular setups to immersive themed units like pirate ships, spaceships, castles, and tropical scenes. We carry a full range of popular equipment like swings, slides, and climbers as well as fitness-oriented products that help in the development of motor skills in older children, promoting both fun and physical activity. Our commercial playground systems and stand-alone products are well-suited for installation in multiple settings, including parks, schools, churches, and daycares.

How Do You Choose the Right Play Equipment?

As you begin to shop and compare the different commercial playground equipment manufacturers, you should keep in mind the target age group for your playground. Most playground equipment manufacturers offer equipment that will cater to the different ages and abilities of children. For example, toddlers are going to need smaller structures with more interactive toys at their eye level, while school-age children need structures that allow them to climb and do other physical activities.

You should also approach the process of creating your new playground with a general design idea in mind. You will need to know the size of the playground as well as the different types of equipment you want to include on the playground. You may choose to have one climbing structure with slides and then swings in another section of the playground. Another option is to have several smaller climbing structures and slides throughout the entire area.

Each of the playground equipment suppliers we work with will have structures that you can work into your design. Our experts would be glad to help you finalize a design and make sure that it will work well in the space you have available. Our team can also help you through the entire process, including installation. You have the option of installing the equipment yourself, doing the job with our supervision, or having our team come out and do the work for you.

With so many different playground manufacturers, it can be difficult to choose the best equipment for your needs. At AAA State of Play, we are committed to helping you find the perfect equipment. We are a family-run company, and we have been helping schools and communities build safe playgrounds for years. We can help you with every aspect of your project so that you can create a playground that will benefit your community. Whether you need equipment for a small day care or a large public park, we can help you find the equipment you need. Contact us to learn more about the playground companies we work with and the products we carry. We’re here to help you choose the right commercial playground equipment for your play space.

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