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Tube/Tunnel Slides

Slides are one of the main pieces of equipment that most playgrounds have in common. Kids love them for the simple thrill that comes from a fast descent from the top of the slide to the bottom, and parents love them for the joy that they bring their little ones. The great thing about slides is that they are perfect for a school, park, or any play area, and a number of style options are available, including tube slides. If you are looking for high-quality tube slides for sale, then you’ve come to the right place. AAA State of Play has a variety of tube slides for kids that are commercial-grade, durable, and safe for children to slide down repeatedly every day.

What Are Tube Slides?

Like traditional slides, a playground tube slide consists of a raised platform and a chute. It may be constructed of stainless steel, rotation-molded plastic, or some combination of plastic and steel. Despite the basic similarities in how they are made and used, the chute on tube or tunnel slide playground equipment differs from the chute on a traditional slide. As the name suggests, tube slides have a chute that is made like a tube or a tunnel: They are completely enclosed with the exception of the openings at either end.

Tube Slide Types and Options

We know that color makes a statement, and the right color can be nearly as important as choosing the right play equipment. The tube slides for sale here come in a variety of vibrant hues that are ideal for child play areas, or you can choose a custom color option. The tube lengths of these slides vary, and they can have straight, spiral, or side-by-side chutes. Straight tubes are a common and popular choice at many playgrounds and one that can complete your playground nicely; however, a spiral tube slide will add variety and excitement, which will attract more children and their families. A good option is to include both a straight and a spiral tube slide to give kids double the thrills and fun. Ultimately, the type and the length of the slide that you purchase will depend on the age of the children who most often frequent the play area you are ordering it for.

Benefits of Tube Slides

There are several benefits to adding a commercial tube slide to your playground. Because it is enclosed, it typically will not get as hot to the touch inside as an open slide will during hotter weather, which reduces the risk of discomfort or injury due to heat. Tube slides also share some of the benefits of other types of slides that we sell, such as helping to improve coordination, balance, and social skills.

At AAA State of Play, every tube slide for sale is affordable and easy to order. To confirm the price of the equipment that you want to buy, just request a free quote. We can also provide a quote for professional installation, as we offer this service nationwide. Contact our playground specialists with any questions or to request a quote today!

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