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Adult Playground Equipment

Playing isn't just for fun; it's for fitness, too. If you remember the enjoyment of using playground equipment as a child, you don't have to simply imagine it. You can reap the benefits of adult playground equipment when you purchase equipment online for either fitness or pure pleasure. Shop AAA State of Play for all of your adult swingset needs, as well as numerous types of fitness equipment such as sit up benches and leg press stations.

Buy everything from adult swing sets to monkey bars on our website, and use quick shipping to get it to your destination fast. Our adult equipment is perfect for parks, gymnasiums, fitness centers, hospitals, or physical therapy centers. Some of the equipment you can purchase on our site includes swingsets for everyone, including handicapped accessible models. Other types of swing sets for adults include single post sets, traditional tripod swing sets, and heavy duty 8-foot sets. Deciding on the right set depends on the environment and the space available to place the adult playground equipment.

Shop AAA for fun ways to get fit to include at your business or park. Skip the boring gym equipment you're used to seeing and buy some fun filled items for your exterior lawn or park instead, such as an adult swingset or a high quality single rower machine. While adult swing sets may not appear to have health benefits, carefree play, as well as the muscles you use when you swing, are a great place to start for patients who need physical therapy or to use as stress relief. There's no age limit on using a swing, and most adults don't realize they are getting a good workout by swinging. Swing sets for adults have multiple health benefits. Being outside in the sunshine is good for the soul, and keeping muscles limber is a great way to warm up before a workout or simply get a bit of exercise in that's not too strenuous.

Swing sets aren't the only way to have fun and get fit on the playground. Using overhead climbers and other structures, such as Aztec climbers, is also an exciting way to burn calories on the playground. Remember the monkey bars in the park when you were a kid? They are still a welcome challenge and perfect for toning your arms and legs. Our climbers come in numerous styles, including the classic dome design as well as more updated models such as rope climbers and oversized boulders. These would be perfect located at a park where families play, a fitness center that wishes to offer unique options for customers, or even high schools and college campuses. Adding playground equipment encourages people of all ages to have fun and get in shape.

If you're a business that needs to update your lawn and playground equipment, consider adult playground equipment including swing sets, climbers, fitness equipment, and even merry go rounds. Not only are adult playgrounds already popular in other countries, such as Europe, but Americans are quickly learning the social and health benefits of playground equipment for grown-ups. To revitalize your playground and make it more adult friendly, shop AAA for more advanced fitness equipment that you can combine with traditional playground equipment, like swing sets, to create an area that people of all ages will enjoy. Consider adding a slide which can accommodate older children and adults. Sliding down a slide can be completely exhilarating, and that feeling isn't just reserved for children!

Whether you are putting in a playground at a church, gym, school, or other outside area, shop AAA State of Play for the most affordable commercial playground equipment that's fun for everyone and provides a safe way to exercise using low impact equipment. You can install the equipment yourself, or we can help you put it in, as well as adding picnic tables, surfacing, and shaded portions to create relaxing spots on sunny days. Make play fun for everyone with AAA playground equipment for all ages.

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