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Backyard Playgrounds

A residential playground is a great way to encourage kids to take part in physical activity, imaginative play, and explore nature. Children will benefit from the additional time outdoors while having fun in the safety of their own backyard. This additional play time will also help them practice motor skills, problem solving, and more. Whether it's a playground for a private home or a play area for a residential community, backyard playgrounds are a wonderful addition that children are sure to love. Search AAA State of Play for quality residential playground equipment. You'll find a fantastic selection of safe and engaging options, ranging from large play structures for group play to independent play stations.

The wide variety of backyard playground equipment available from AAA State of Play makes it easy to customize your new home playground. If you're building a communal play area, consider classic playground equipment like backyard swing sets, play structures, and merry-go-rounds that are fun for children of all ages. Additionally, children can easily play independently or in groups with this type of equipment. Personal backyard playgrounds, however, allow for customization based on your child's age and interests. Find the perfect home playground equipment to engage their sense of adventure and current developmental stage--whether your child prefers pretend play, educational play, or active play. Choose from sandboxes and water tables for inquisitive kids, encourage active play with a slides and swings, or select a playhouse perfect for imaginative pretend play. The products we have available also come in various materials, and you'll have to determine whether metal, wood, or plastic is the right choice for your backyard play area.

After deciding on the right equipment, plan the layout for your backyard playground. This layout should include any necessary safety considerations. Remember to account for the space requirements of different types of playground equipment for home playgrounds. For example, backyard swing sets require enough space for children to swing freely without risking injury to other playing children, while slides require adequate landing space. A backyard playground also requires surfacing that helps protect children during falls and other playground accidents. There are many different types of safety surfacing, and the right surfacing for your playground will depend on the type of play equipment, your budget, and more. If you have any questions about planning a safe and attractive playground for your home, don't hesitate to contact us. We can advise you on the proper amount of surfacing to buy, the appropriate equipment size for your play area's square footage, and other safety features you may need to incorporate into your new playground. While building or updating your residential playground, be sure to consult home playground safety guidelines and planning suggestions to ensure that your play area is free of common hazards and meets recommended national standards. These guidelines will also provide you with helpful maintenance checklists, playground safety tips, and other useful information.

When you shop online for residential playground equipment from AAA State of Play, you're receiving safe and durable structures that can be used for home playgrounds. We have a large inventory of affordable and reliable commercial grade equipment and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. AAA State of Play helps you with every step of your equipment purchase. Not only does AAA State of Play have a streamlined ordering process, we also offer speedy shipping and help with installation. AAA State of Play is passionate about helping customers create the perfect playground for their needs. We do our best to help bring your playground plans to life through quality products, a knowledgeable staff, and excellent customer service.

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