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The Evolution of the Swingset and Playgrounds

How did the modern playground start? Believe it or not, you can thank the swing! The infographic below will walk you through the evolution from swings to playgrounds.

The Evolution of the Swingset and Playgrounds

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It is incredible to think that the modern playgrounds you see all around came from such a simple idea as the swing. Even the earliest swings, made of wood and tied to a tree with ropes, are still found in many back yards today. Over time, swings evolved into the modern swing sets of today. Hard times lead to the early playgrounds being built in order to create jobs. We are still benefiting from those playgrounds today as a way for children to stay active. Playgrounds are even evolving to include adult size playgrounds as a way to promote physical fitness! It is exciting to see new designs and ideas and see where the evolution of playgrounds is heading next.

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