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BarkPark Pet Waste Station

  • BarkPark Pet Waste Station

BarkPark Pet Waste Station

Manufacturer: Ultra Site

45.00 LBS
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Product Highlights:
  • Handy waste bag holder at the top
  • Bag holder is able to be locked to keep the bags in
  • Waste bin has a closed top to keep smell in and animals out
  • Adorable paw prints on the front allow for airflow and a bit of decoration

BarkPark Pet Waste Station

Dog waste stations can make the local park a pleasant place for both people and pooches. Thanks to the convenience of pet waste stations, there’s no excuse not to clean up after your four-legged friends. No one likes to step in surprises left behind by dogs that have come to enjoy the park with their owners, and a dog waste bag dispenser makes cleanup easy, quick, and sanitary. Doing so will prevent risk and help create a safer park.

The BarkPark Pet Waste Station is a full kit with a steel receptacle, steel mounting post, lockable bag dispenser, informational sign, and in-ground mounting post. The lockable dispenser holds two 200-count refill boxes, which are included with your purchase. The waste receptacle and 9-inch-by-12-inch sign offer a complete dog waste station solution. This kit is great for park managers looking for a total package. This equipment helps to give park managers a break when it comes to pet waste cleanup and management of pet owners. The post and receptacle on the BarkPark Pet Waste Station are galvanized for outdoor use in any environment. This heavy-duty, commercial-grade material will hold up against the elements.

Dog waste stations make good additions to public parks and dog parks alike. Any space that wants to welcome dog owners without the mess they can leave behind can benefit from a pet waste bag dispenser. Providing a clean park is especially important when there may be children present who will spend time playing and crawling in the grass.

AAA State of Play carries other BarkPark products, too, including dog fitness equipment, leash holders, and more, all at great prices. Explore this range of products to find options that can enhance your dog park and provide structures that will be fun for dogs and convenient for humans. Dogs are highly social creatures that benefit from visiting parks with their owners to interact with other humans and dogs. Providing equipment for them can help encourage park visits from four-legged friends.

AAA State of Play will ship your purchases quickly, and we even offer professional installation services. Contact our customer service team to request a quote today and get one step closer to making your park a beautiful place that will have your canine visitors howling with our selection of park equipment for dogs!

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