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Stand-Alone Monkey Bars for Sale

There’s no question that when given the opportunity, kids love to jump, swing, and even hang upside down. This is what makes monkey bars a must-have when designing playgrounds for schools, parks, or other public or private establishments: They provide kids with hours of unforgettable play that will always be associated with childhood fun. At AAA State of Play, we know that monkey bars are and will continue to be a key element to any playground and its popularity with young children. This is why we offer a variety of free-standing monkey bars that can easily be integrated into new or current play areas.

Benefits of Monkey Bars

Stand-alone monkey bars are a great source of fun that will attract children and their parents; however, that isn’t the only reason why they should be made available for the children who visit your playground. Monkey bars are beneficial because they help children develop important skills. They are a perfect tool for children to get exercise while interacting with other children their age and building social skills. As children jump and swing from one rung to the next, they are strengthening their arms and shoulders as well as the muscles in their hands and fingers. These movements improve gross motor and fine motor control, which can help younger children grasp pencils and write better. Additionally, monkey bars improve agility and balance.

Why Free-Standing Monkey Bars?

Free-standing or stand-alone monkey bars are independent units that are not attached to any other type of playground equipment. This makes them a good choice for play areas that are located in smaller spaces or for playgrounds that may have play structures or other equipment but do not currently have monkey bars. Although elements may change from one stand-alone monkey bar set to the next, our units include some variation of posts that anchor the equipment, rungs for children to grasp and swing from, and some form of ladder or step for kids to climb. Because they are free-standing, they may be placed near or away from other forms of play or wherever your layout dictates. Our monkey bars are strong and durable so that they can safely withstand the heavy weight load and jarring that comes from daily use in addition to the elements.

When you are ready to buy a stand-alone monkey bar set, you can do so with the confidence that you are getting top-quality equipment and the best service. The commercial-grade playground and park equipment you’ll find from AAA State of Play is affordable and meets or exceeds federal guidelines for safety. Placing an order is a simple and safe process that can be completed by phone; however, we will first provide you with a free quote that allows us to inform you of the expected costs. If desired, we also offer professional installation and can even customize free-standing monkey bars for you. If you have any questions about our monkey bars, custom designs, or equipment installation, check out our FAQ page or contact us by phone, email, or our live chat feature.

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