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Simple Bongo Drums for the Playground

Simple Bongo Drums

Special Price $1,085.00
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Age Group:
2 to 12 years
Use Zone:
No use zone required.

  • Small footprint allows for lots of placement options
  • Two differently pitched drums
  • Incorporates music seamlessly with play
  • Made to withstand the elements of being placed outdoors
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  • COMPLIES With:

    ASTM F1487-17
    CPSC PUB #325

  • Weight

    85.00 LBS

  • Availability

    1-2 weeks


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Product Description

These Simple Bongo Drums offer music to a playground at a fraction of the cost of traditional bongos. They're built to withstand years of use out in the elements, and the design of each bongo drum also takes into account children's innate love of drumming to create music, making this bongo instrument a winning piece of play equipment for most kids. Kiddos will have no issues creating notes that are clear and crisp with this high-quality musical instrument!

Installing bongo drums and other simple instruments on the playground can have an array of benefits for kids. The bongo drum is the perfect first instrument for children, as it's simple but fun while teaching the concept of rhythm. Playing the bongos can encourage kids to think creatively, and it also works large and small muscle groups, helping to build up fine and gross motor skills. Whether they're banging a single bongo drum or playing a xylophone, they're learning how to move their arms and hands in time with a beat and toward a goal.

Music is a great social tool as well. This set of bongo drums allows children to share and build friendships through music. Music can help children find new ways to communicate and feel comfortable and confident while socializing. With these Simple Bongo Drums, it's easy for two kids to collaborate, each taking a single bongo drum as they start a jam session. Playing music together can give children a sense of belonging, and it also makes them happy! Since these are all goals of playground time, it makes sense that these bongo drums are a perfect addition to your playground. Place your order today.

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