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Rubber Mulch for Playground Safety

Rubber mulch is increasingly popular due to the unfortunate accidents that occur when improper playground surfacing is present. Generally, 4 to 6 inches of rubberized mulch is enough for up to a 12-foot fall height. This means if your child falls from 12 feet, there should not be any critical injuries. At AAA State of Play, we offer high-quality affordable artificial mulch at the lowest prices in the industry. Order with us today to keep kids safer while they play!

Choosing the Best Recycled Rubber Mulch

When choosing a synthetic mulch for your playground, always check to see if the mulch is ADA-compliant and whether it has undergone IPEMA testing. This will help verify that your purchase is going to be a long-lasting and safe investment. Our mulch is both ADA-compliant and IPEMA-certified for public playground use. In the past, rubber mulch contained large amounts of scrap metal from the tires shredded to make it, but today, giant machines and magnets can remove all of the metal from the mulch. However, some mulch on the marketplace still contains this metal, so be careful with local manufacturers. Our mulch is safety-tested and metal-free.

We sell high-quality rubber mulch in bulk in 2,000-pound rubber mulch bags, or "super sacks," or in individual 40-pound bags. We can deliver up to 23 tons of rubber mulch for a play area at a time. Keep in mind that bulk rubber mulch for sale can be costly to deliver due to lift gate charges. If you have access to a forklift or a business with a loading dock, these charges do not apply.

Installing and Maintaining Your Rubber Mulch

Before you install recycled rubber mulch, check the drainage of your site. If there are any problems, these need to be addressed before your artificial mulch is put down. If you are putting surfacing at ground level, an irrigation system should be set up to properly guide the water flow into pipes and away from the playground.

Wear patterns will occur in mulch rubber on a playground, so make sure to check the distribution of the mulch periodically, smoothing and adding recycled rubber mulch as needed. Poured-in-place rubber and artificial turf offer a maintenance-free surface, but they cost a lot more than rubber mulch in bulk and they don't offer as soft of a landing.

If you're ready to invest in safe, long-lasting rubber mulch for your playground, contact us today to get a free quote. We're committed to playground safety, and we'd be happy to serve you!

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