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Tick Safety: Identification, Removal and Prevention

Camping, hiking, and other outdoor diversions are popular ways to spend time during the warmer months. While there are many health benefits of being out in the fresh air, there are also risks that people must be aware of, including the risk of being bitten by a tick. There are a number of different types of ticks, which are small parasites that bite or latch onto one's skin and feed by sucking blood. When a tick feeds, it's more than just disturbing and annoying: It can also be dangerous, as some ticks also spread diseases such as Lyme disease, encephalitis, or Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Mite Tick Paparra

To stay safe and prevent tick bites, people should make it difficult for ticks to latch onto their bodies. To do this, one should cover up when going outdoors by wearing long sleeves and pants. Bug spray can also act as a deterrent and keep ticks from getting on a person's clothing and skin. In addition to what one wears during their outdoor adventure, it is important to also plan out a hike that sticks to trails when possible. Ticks are opportunistic and get on a person's legs or shoes when they come into contact with them. They aren't the type of pest that jumps, and they'll generally be on grass that's roughly 12 to 18 inches in height.

At the end of the day, people should remove all clothing and check for any signs of ticks on their bodies and the bodies of their pets. If one is found, it should be removed immediately using a pair of tweezers. People should also look out for any symptoms of illness, such as fever, chills, a rash at the bite site, muscle aches, or swelling.

How Are Infections From Ticks Prevented?

Click this link to read ways to prevent illness by avoiding tick bites.

Tick Facts

Get the facts about ticks and their bites by clicking this link to the MedicineNet website.

15 Important Facts You Must Know About Ticks

Understanding ticks is a way to avoid getting bit, and on this page, readers will find 15 important facts about them.

Is That a Tick Bite?

Discover how to identify ticks by clicking this link for information on how to recognize what one looks like and what the signs and symptoms of a bite are.


People who visit this page will find a range of answers about ticks including information about bite risks, symptoms, and remedies.

The Rising Dangers of Ticks

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Tick-Borne Disease

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services offers this page of information about ticks, including tick-borne disease prevention and signs and symptoms of tick diseases.

What You Need to Know About Ticks

Before heading outdoors, people can read this page to learn important information about ticks such as where they're found and illnesses that their bites cause.

Preventing Tick Bites

People who visit this CDC page can read what they should do to avoid tick bites before they go outdoors, once they are outside, and when they come back indoors.

Enjoy the Outdoors But Be Tick-Aware (PDF)

In this public health leaflet on ticks, readers will find valuable information regarding what ticks are, the health risks associated with them, and how to remove one if bitten.

Ticks 101: How to Avoid, Identify, and Respond to Ticks This Summer

Individuals who are unfamiliar with ticks can read this page for information on the different types, diseases, and precautions.

Ticks and Lyme Disease: A Guide for Preventing Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is one of the dangers associated with ticks and their bite. On this page, site visitors can find information about both ticks and the disease.

Tick-Borne Diseases

Click this link to the Georgia Department of Health website for a brief list of tick-borne diseases.

Tick Information and Prevention

On this page, readers will find an in-depth guide on ticks, diseases that they carry, and how to protect against them.

Block Tick Bites and Lyme Disease (PDF)

For information about the dangers of ticks, how to prevent being bitten, and how to remove them, click this link.

Tick-Borne Disease Strategies for Campers (PDF)

Before heading outdoors on a camping trip, read this document for facts on ticks, including information about transmission of diseases by different types of ticks, how to prevent them, and how to remove ticks once they bite.

Five Tick Diseases You Should Know About

Anyone who enjoys camping or other similar outdoor activities can get information about tick diseases that can negatively affect their health when they click this link to the Fox News website.

How to Stay Safe From Ticks and the Diseases They Carry

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How to Protect Your Family During Tick Season

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CDC: Tick-Borne Illnesses Have Nearly Doubled Since 2004

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Potentially Deadly Disease Can Start 15 Minutes After Tick Bite

There are a number of tick-related diseases, including Powassan virus, which is discussed in this NBC Boston article and video.

Preventing Tick Bites and Lyme Disease

In this John Hopkins article, site visitors may read about how to avoid tick bites and Lyme disease.

Tick Talk for the Whole Family (PDF)

Families can learn about ticks and how to protect themselves with this child-friendly brochure.

Tick Bites

The risks associated with ticks and how to prevent being bitten by them are the topics of discussion on this informative page.

Understanding and Preventing Tick Bites

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How Can You Prevent Lyme Disease and Other Tick-Borne Diseases

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Get Covered for Tick Season With These Eight Expert Tips

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Nine Foolproof Tricks to Avoid Tick-Borne Illnesses Including One That's More Dangerous Than Lyme

On this page, people will find nine tips on how to avoid being bitten by ticks when outdoors.

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