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WoodCarpet Engineered Wood Fiber

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WoodCarpet Engineered Wood Fiber

Manufacturer: Zeager Brothers

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Engineered Wood Fiber Mulch for Playgrounds

You want to keep the kids under your care safe while they are on the playground, and part of that task involves putting the proper covering on the ground so that there is less risk of injury in the event that a child falls from the equipment. Today, there are several ground coverings available that you can purchase for your park or playground. One of the most popular of these is engineered wood fiber mulch.

WoodCarpet Engineered Wood Fiber offers several benefits to your playground or park, including low cost, simple installation, and proper cushioning for various fall heights. Engineered wood fiber for playgrounds reduces injuries through fall protection: It provides a softer surface than if the ground were left bare. It also looks great, which is why so many use engineered wood fiber playground mulch to promote both child safety and improved park aesthetics. The surfacing works well in many playground contexts.

Although periodic raking and topping off is required when you buy and install engineered wood fiber playground surfacing, the benefits and initial costs are lower than for most other safety surfacing systems. Our engineered wood fiber mulch is manufactured in multiple locations across the United State and Canada, and as a result of our national network of facilities, the per-yard price varies slightly from state to state. Contact a sales associate for an exact quote on your engineered wood fiber for playgrounds and for any assistance you might need with your order.

Eight inches of this engineered wood fiber playground mulch is impact-rated for an eight-foot fall height, and 12 inches is rated for a 12-foot fall height. This engineered wood fiber playground surfacing meets ADA, ASTM, and CPSC playground surfacing standards and is IPEMA-certified. Keep in mind that the placement of DuraDrain Resilient Foam Drain Tiles or DuraLiner Geotextile Fabric under the mulch will add to its life, so make sure you consider those additions when you place your online order.

  • Impact Rating: 8" Rated to 8' and 12" Rated to 12'
  • ADA Compliant: Yes
  • Sub-base: Soil or Sand
  • Upside: Low Cost, Simple Installation, High Fall Height
  • Downside: Periodic raking and topping off.
  • Ideal Application: Public Playgrounds

Please keep in mind due to the unique nature of mulch deliveries, ALL MULCH SALES ARE FINAL. To ensure that all pieces are accounted for, mulch products cannot be refunded unless fully reassembled back into a functional tree.

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Warranty varies based on type and amount of mulch used.

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