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Sensory Playground Equipment

When establishing a playground, there are many different ways to make it appealing and inclusive for all children. Playgrounds should be accessible and include forms of play that appeal to and accommodate the needs of a wide range of children. One way to do that is to create a sensory play area or playground. The first step toward creating this type of play environment involves getting the right sensory equipment. At AAA State of Play, we have the equipment needed to make your sensory playground ideas come to life. Our equipment is durable, safe, and affordable. This type of playground may be set up in any environment, whether you are planning a new playground or are adding to an already established one.

What Is a Sensory Playground?

A sensory play area or playground is one that incorporates activities that stimulate children’s senses. They do this by adding elements that appeal to one’s sense of sight, hearing, and touch. Types of sensory playground equipment meant to stimulate the sense of hearing will include audio or musical playground equipment and can range from outdoor drum sets to chime walls, metallophones, and marimbas. Outdoor music structures may also feature an assortment of instruments that kids can make clack, whistle, or ring. Play equipment that stimulates a child’s sense of sight can help develop eye-hand coordination and will generally feature appealing patterns, vibrant colors, and color combinations. Adding tactile playground equipment is also an important component of a sensory playground, as it addresses the sense of touch. Often, this type of equipment has a textured surface, or it may include some substance or material that is interesting or appealing to the touch. Sand tables and boxes are forms of tactile playground equipment. Other sensory playground ideas include water tables and learning play centers with interactive features that stimulate all senses.

Who Benefits From Using a Sensory Playground and Why?

All children benefit from playing in areas that feature sensory-stimulating equipment. In addition to the fun that they provide, it also promotes physical, social, and cognitive development and encourages creativity in all children. Outdoor sensory play equipment is also widely considered an ideal choice for children who may be on the autism spectrum or who may have sensory processing disorders (SPD). Certain components of this equipment, for example, can be more quiet and soothing or calming to children with autism. Sensory playgrounds can also help children with SPD, as it can help them adjust to various levels of stimulation.

Because sensory play equipment appeals to all children, it is certain to attract more kids and their families to your park, school, child-care facility, or other private or public play area. The wide range of commercial-grade playground equipment offered by AAA State of Play will make it easy for you to equip and set up the sensory playground that you desire. If you need help designing your playground, we even offer custom design services.

Do you have any concerns or questions about our sensory equipment, our services, or making a purchase? Take a look at our FAQ page or contact us to speak directly with a playground specialist. Get a free quote and then place your order to get started on your top-quality sensory playground.

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