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Water Play Rubber Surface

Water Play Rubber Surface

  • Water Play Rubber Surface
  • Water Play Rubber Surface
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Product Description

The Water Play Rubber Surface is the latest surface on offer, which can provide long lasting protection within your playground. The surface was designed to meet the requirements of water parks or playgrounds that utilize water. Basically, this surface makes it much harder to slip on the ground even when there is water present. The surface can also resist chlorine, making it a robust, durable surface that will provide a high quality service for a long time to come. You will usually apply this surface to a concrete subsurface, and a minimum surface application of 750 square feet will be required if you are to use this soft rubber surface. It’s ideal for simple, effective protection for children. Do not miss out on the chance to purchase a quality non-slip surface for water parks.

Warranty Information

Warranty varies based on type and amount of rubber used.

Minimum 5 years

Request a written copy for all limitations (not listed here).

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