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Green Polyethylene DOGVALET

  • Green Polyethylene DOGVALET

Green Polyethylene DOGVALET

Manufacturer: DOGIPOT

60.00 LBS
1-2 weeks, Ships UPS Ground
List Price:
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$275.00 You Save: 11%($35.00)
4-feet long mounting post, 2 rolls of 200 DOGIPOT Litter Pick Up Bags, 1 box of 50 DOGIPOT Liner Trash Bags
Unit Size:
1' 2" long x 1' 7" wide x 2' 8" high
Product Highlights:
  • This set includes everything needed for guests to dispose of pet waste
  • Encourages guests to follow rules and clean up after pets
  • Large dispenser has 400 bag capacity

Product Description

The Green Polyethylene DOGVALET is ideal for any playground that wants to keep the area clean, not only for aesthetics, but for the sake of the children that use the playground. This polyethylene DOGVALET box weighs only 30lbs, has a 400 bag capacity and two diamond dispenser slots, so two bags can be taken by two people at the some time. You will also get a free box of 50 litter pick up bags for use with the device. The instructions are posted very clear so that users will know precisely what to do, and you should have no problem at all attaching these boxes to fences and posts within your playground. It's really simple. The box is there to provide free bags for those who need to pick up dog mess in your playground.

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