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Rubber Mulch Calculator

As a web-based playground provider of rubber mulch, AAA State of Play is always trying to achieve above and beyond expectations. Use the rubber mulch calculator to calculate the exact amount of mulch you require for your project. Simply enter the desired depth, width and length of the area, and a calculated result will appear with an estimated amount of mulch required. If you only know the square footage, simply enter the square footage in either the width or length and the other field enter 1 for a value.

Buy Rubber Mulch Online!

Request Rubber Mulch online and get an accurate quote on an amazing playground surface that will last generations of use.
  • ADA Approved
  • Clean and Odor Free
  • Never Rots
  • 99.9% steel-free!
  • Lifetime warrantee!
  • Non-toxic

Available Colors of Rubber

  • Natural Black
    Natural Black
  • Royal Blue
    Royal Blue
  • Cocoa Brown
    Cocoa Brown
  • Forest Green
    Forest Green
  • Terracotta Red
    Terracotta Red

How-To Video: Installing Rubber Mulch

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