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Playground Border

Shop for eco-friendly 6 Foot Rubber Curb and 4 foot long plastic ParKurb Border, Funtimber Border, Landscape Timber, and more.

Playground Borders & Edging

Playground borders can be an integral part of a structure located within a kid-friendly recreational space. Whether you invest in a plastic playground border or rubber playground edging, how you decorate the outline of your play space can significantly affect the structure’s aesthetic value and even safety. Borders are more than just an accessory: they also function as a way to guide children and adults towards smart decisions during play time. In addition, they can give the physically disabled an opportunity to play in the same areas as those without handicaps. With so many potential benefits, borders can be one of the wisest investments you can make for the functionality and potential enjoyment of your play space.

Put simply, borders are a great way to raise the profile of your playground. The aesthetic value of a playground with poured surfaces can increase when a rubber playground border is set around it. Aside from clearly delineating a play space from other areas, this playground edging can provide an interesting decorative outline. Schools can take advantage of the variety of border colors by choosing hues that closely mirror those used by a mascot for an extra kick of spirit.

Practical uses also exist for playground edging. Borders can be used to inform wheelchair users where accessible areas are and guide them into spaces least likely to present navigation problems. They can help wheelchairs transition between surfaces using half- or full-length ramps, as they provide just the right degree of smoothness on which wheels can roll. Borders are also a convenient way to section off areas for particular use. For example, some playground equipment requires a specific amount of space to operate safely and freely. Borders can visually inform adults and children about spaces that are designated for certain functions.

Particularly large play areas can benefit from incorporating borders into their designs if their owners wish to devote sections to equipment made for specific age groups. Sectioning off areas for certain groups of kids can vastly reduce the incidence of accidents that may occur when young children attempt to scale play structures designed for older kids. Similarly, a playground border can keep older children playing with kids who are closer to their age and size. With a little adult supervision, these play spaces can widely remain free of accident and injury. They can also serve as active reminders to both parents and kids of which areas are safe to play in and which can present potential hazards.

Playground borders can pay for themselves if yours is the type of organization that has adopted cleanliness and order as part of your company culture. Areas for play that have incorporated loose-fill surfaces may consider a playground border to keep the fill inside of its designated space. The utilization of a border in this way can significantly reduce cleanup times and keep mulch out of walkways for safer entry and exit.

At AAA State of Play, we take pride in offering high-quality and budget-friendly playground solutions for organizations, schools, and commercial businesses. Our commitment to quality and savings extends even to our playground accessories and add-ons like playground edging. Browse our wide selection of indoor and outdoor borders to find the perfect edging for your play space. Use our filter tool to narrow down your search by product price or manufacturer name. We’ll even give you the choice to filter by form and function: Check out our selection of borders based on material or accessibility. Purchase online with confidence. Contact our customer service team for suggestions on which border to select if you’re having trouble deciding. Our products are sure to give you an extra edge over other playgrounds in your area!