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Elite High Back Bucket Swing Seat

7.50 LBS
1-2 weeks, Ships UPS Ground
List Price:
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$65.65 You Save: 34%($34.35)

Age Group:
6 months to 5 years
Product Highlights:
  • Easy to install or replace an existing seat
  • Ideal for very young children
  • Hidden steel frame makes it incredibly sturdy
  • Black, green, and blue options for plastic color

Product Description

The design of the Elite High Back Bucket Seat is specifically made for preschool aged children and toddlers. Its leg holes prevent them from squirming out of the seat while it is in motion, and the high rim and raised back keep children comfortable and upright. The raised back is also a convenient place to use for those pushing the swing. This seat is necessary for introducing children to swinging if they are not yet old enough to use a belt seat on their own. There are large, secure loops on both sides of the seat which make it easy to connect it to the swing chains. There are three color options available for the plastic of the seats: black, green, and blue. That way, you can have it match your other swing seats or playground theme. The seats have steel inserts embedded inside the plastic, giving them an extremely rigid and sturdy frame.

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