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Guide for Natural Playgrounds

The Benefits of Opting for Natural & Recycled Playground Equipment

Playground equipment at schools and other facilities is an excellent place for kids to keep active, learn to play with others, and just have fun. Most traditional equipment is made from non-recycled materials; usually plastic, wood, or metal. These materials are not only a drain on the environment, because of the need to cut down trees and use other natural resources, but they also exhaust a lot of energy during production. Alternatively, using recycled materials for natural playgrounds means that most of the production energy and costs have already been expended when the material was originally gathered or made. The use of natural playgrounds and recycled playground equipment still affords kids the same opportunity for activity as brand new equipment, while also promoting a more green, Earth-friendly lifestyle.

Recycled Plastic

Recycling plastic from old, unusable playground equipment or other sources spares landfills from being filled with more materials that don't degrade naturally. Equipment made from recycled plastics often look like new plastic and there is no loss of quality. These playground pieces won't give kids splinters and you don't have to sacrifice your desired look to use recycled plastic, because it comes in different colors. When you order recycled playground equipment online, you can enjoy the same look as new materials, without the expense to the environment.

Reused Tires

Reused tires can be implemented for the rubber parts of playground equipment, or turned into some soft flooring for the ground beneath your equipment. Rubber ground cover will give a little bounce when kids fall down, and there won't be a threat of splinters like when wood chips are used. You're also creating new life for old tires that would otherwise only serve as garbage. Recycled tires for playgrounds can also be extremely durable and weather resistant, ensuring that your playground equipment will last and be enjoyed by many kids for years to come even when the weather is severe. When you buy recycled tires for playgrounds, you're usually able to choose a variety of colors, so the ground won't have the look of one giant tire.

Natural Wood

Recycling wood from other projects spares the life of new trees and can result in very durable playground equipment. Natural wood can be cut up and made into wood chips for use on the ground. Wood can also be used in plank or pole form, arranged in new formations and bolted together to create new equipment. Wood won't get as hot as metal and some plastics in the sun, and it can also be left in its natural color or painted to match the rest of your colorful equipment and ground cover. Wood that is properly sealed can be quite durable, lasting at your facility for many years. In the midst of a big, green property - sometimes recycled wood will allow your playground to fit right in. When you purchase natural playground equipment, you not only save trees, but also the energy that would be expended by cutting them down.


On top of your environmentally friendly contribution, using natural playground equipment is often just as cost effective as buying equipment made from non-recycled materials. When you shop for your new playground, we know that you're not only concerned with the size and look of the equipment, but also how much you'll be getting for the investment. Natural and recycled playground materials don't have to break your bank, making them an even smarter purchase. Check out some of the different playground equipment we offer at AAA State of Play.

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