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ASTM Certification

At AAA State of Play, we offer all kinds of commercial grade play equipment, from complete playground structures, to independent play pieces, surfacing, and accessories. We take pride in offering equipment that meets strict safety standards. One such set of standards are the ASTM standards. When purchasing a play structure for a school, daycare, or anywhere else, it is important that that the equipment is safe and strong enough to stand up to repeated use from children.

What is ASTM?

To answer the question of "what is ASTM?," ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Test and Materials, is an international standards organization. The organization develops and then published voluntary standards for a range of products, materials, services, and systems. Each year, an Annual Book of ASTM Standards is printed, along with online and compact disc versions. The organization uses a consensus type process and supports thousands of technical committees run by volunteers who collectively develop these standards. There are more than 12,000 ASTM standards.

What is ASTM's History?

ASTM International dates back to 1898, when it was founded as the American Society for Testing and Materials to address issues plaguing the railroad industry. The organization grew over time and began developing standards for numerous devices. The organization name change in 2001 to ASTM International reflected a global participation in use of ASTM standards.

How ASTM Certification Works

ASTM certification or standards are developed by committees of volunteers who focus on specific devices. Membership to ASTM International is open to anyone that has an interest in the organization's activities. Members of the organization are classified into different groups including consumers, users, producers, and general interest. While ASTM certification in most cases is voluntary, there are cases in which these standards are mandatory when referenced by corporations and government organizations. In the US, many state, federal, and municipal governments have adopted ASTM standards.

ASTM Standards Categories

The standards developed by ASTM International are split into six different categories.

  • Standard Specification - defines requirements that need to be satisfied by the subject of the standard.
  • Standard Practice - defines a sequence of operations which produces no result.
  • Standard Classification - defines a division or arrangement of products, services, materials, or systems into groups based on like characteristics.
  • Standard Test Method - defines the way in which a test is performed along with the accuracy of the result.
  • Standard Guide - defines a collection of organized information that doesn't recommend a certain course of action.
  • Terminology Standard - defines agreed upon definitions of terms that are used in other standards.

The six categories of ASTM standards cover the following product types and materials:

  • Petroleum
  • Plastics
  • Textiles
  • Rubber
  • Construction
  • Iron and Steel
  • Medical Devices
  • Paints
  • Nonferrous Metals
  • General Methods
  • Water & Environmental Technology
  • Electronics & Electrical Insulation
  • General Products
  • Nuclear, Geothermal & Solar Energy

When it comes to playground equipment from AAA State of Play, we do our best to ensure that only high quality, durable products are available for purchase on our site. Customers making an online purchase will be able to see if a particular product meets ASTM standards by reading the product description. Any questions regarding product safety, ASTM certification or anything else can be answered by our friendly staff. Shop AAA State of Play with the knowledge that each time you buy a piece of equipment it will be safe and durable.

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