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Top Ten Playground Games

These are some of the most popular games played on playgrounds! Some require equipment or just a simple ball, while others require the players only! AAA State of Play proudly features the equipment needed to make these games a success. Tetherball and Funnel Ball units and balls for kickball, dodgeball, and four square can be found on our website. Hopscotch courts can become permanent fixtures on your safety surfacing with our poured in place rubber surface!


  1. Tether Ball - A pole stands tall in the center of a circle with a ball attached to the top of the pole with a rope. Two players stand on opposite sides of the circle and try to hit the ball around the pole and wrap the rope around the pole until the ball touches. The first player to successfully wrap the rope all around the pole wins!

  2. Four Square - A square is divided into four equal parts and labeled with the numbers 1-4. Four players take turns bouncing a ball back and forth trying to eliminate the other players and move up in the square numbers. The person in square one is considered to be the highest ranking!

  3. Funnel Ball - A giant funnel is placed on the top of a pole with exit holes that are assigned a certain number of points. A ball is tossed up into the funnel and falls out one of the holes. Games can be played with a high or low score winner!

  4. Capture the Flag - The playground is divided into two territories. Two teams each hide a flag somewhere on their territory and the other team tries to break across the lines, catch the flag, and return to their own territory with the flag without being caught!

  5. Dodgeball - Two teams stand at opposite ends of a designated spot and throw balls at the other team to try and eliminate all of the other players first. The team that eliminates the other team first is the winner!

  6. Kickball - Two teams kick a rubber playground ball and run around the bases to score runs. Kickball's rules are similar to baseball. Usually stretching seven innings, the team with the most runs at the end of the game wins!

  7. Hopscotch - Design layouts vary, but a series of squares are drawn and numbered to create the course on which play occurs. A safe spot at the end of the course allows the player to turn around. A player tosses out a marker into a square and must hop and jump along the numbered squares to reach the safe spot before turning around and hopping back, picking up their marker along the way. Where there is one square only one foot may be inside the square. Two squares side by side require one foot in each square.

  8. Hide & Seek - Perfect for large structures with a lot of places to hide, a player is selected to count to a certain number while the others hide. Once the number is reached the seeker must find all of the hidden players. The first player found will become the next seeker!

  9. Tag - Played in a variety of ways including freeze tag and flashlight tag, this is a simple, fun game that can be played anywhere. One person is “it” and they must chase other players around until they tag one player. The tagged player then becomes “it!”

  10. Red Rover - Red Rover features two teams that form one line, holding hands. Each team chants, “Red Rover, Red Rover, send _____ right over!”, including the name of the person they have chosen. The chosen person runs across to the other team and tries to break through their arms. If they succeed they choose one person to take back to their team. If the do not break through, they must join the line.

Have Questions? Call 1-877-826-2776 to Speak to a Real Person Contact AAA State of Play Today (click here)