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What Makes Up My Playground? Parts and Components of Popular Play Structures

Popular play equipment at schools and other commercial properties not only gives kids a chance to get outside to enjoy some fresh air, they are also a space that encourages and facilitates fitness activities. What exactly makes up a playground? Playground equipment parts include wooden beams, plastic components, as well as metal attachments that help to form larger structures. At AAA State of Play, we always consider safety as well as function, so the playground components are designed to not only serve their purpose, but also enable the playground to be as safe as possible.

Recycled Plastic Parts

Recycled plastic is becoming a popular material for building commercial playground equipment parts. This technique spares landfills of consuming plastic from old playground equipment and other plastic parts. In addition to being environmentally friendly, recycled plastic is also as durable as other plastic and takes far less energy to produce. You may never know if a playground is recycled just by looking at it, because these components are made just as bright and vivid as other playground components, and in fact are designed to look brand new.

Ladders and Slides

Slides are among the most quintessential playground equipment parts. Slides can be straight or curly, and at AAA State of Play we offer both types of slides. Kids of all ages can enjoy a slide, and they are often the centerpiece of a playground set. While your playground doesn't need to have a slide, it's often recommended, since it is one of the only parts that is safe for young kids, as well as older kids. Before a child is ready to use monkey bars or climb on more complicated elements, they can enjoy a swift trip down the slide.


Swings are also popular parts of a modern playground. Whether you buy single post swings or bipod swings, which are supported by poles that divert in two different directions, a swing is another component that can be good for various age ranges. Most swings, including multiple designs sold by AAA State of Play, are comprised of metal poles and galvanized chains; pendulums atop the chains allow the swing to have forward and backward motions. Metals parts are often coated to protect against rust and the effects of moisture.


Climbing is another major part of most playgrounds. Ladders and stairs are the most common climbing apparatuses included on a playground. A ladder requires more coordination than stairs, and kids need to have the upper body strength to pull themselves up as they travel. Ladders are generally metal, but at AAA State of Play we offer both metal and plastic stairs that lead to swings or playground platforms. With the different choices available, it is easy to pick out stairs and ladders that match the rest of the structure you are building.

Sports Equipment

With an emphasis on keeping children healthy, more and more playgrounds are incorporating sports equipment to encourage kids to be active. Popular sports playground components include tether ball sets, basketball hoops, fun hoop games and more. When sports equipment is incorporated into the playground design, it encourages kids to continue to play games and be active even when they are done on the slide or the swings.

Commercial playground equipment parts are made of either metal or plastic for the most part, and are always designed with safety in mind. Regardless of what parts are made of, we encourage adult supervision for kids on a playground to ensure safe play and to make sure that the equipment is being used in the intended way. If you're ready to get new equipment, AAA State of Play lets you shop for and purchase playgrounds online.

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