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"Laura, We just wanted to say Thanks! for all your help that you gave us on the beautiful playground. We can never thank you enough. Please tell all your co-workers. I have sent you a few pictures and a DVD. Hope you enjoy." - Jenny, Mtn Valley Church - 08/26/2013

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Sing and Swing: 10 Benefits of Music and Movement for Kids
Photo by Lauro Maia (Flickr) May 23rd is International Jazz Day! Jazz is playful and spontaneous, fueled by emotions and freedom of self-expression. Come to think of it, playtime is a lot like jazz!...

10 Ways to Nourish Healthy Eating Habits in Your Kids
Photo by woodleywonderworks (Flickr) Do your kids eat enough fruits and vegetables? Studies show that up to 40 percent of the calories kids consume each day come from sugars and solid fats like those...

Papa Play Awards: 5 Twitter Dads Who Are Awesome Advocates for Play!
Photo by Caitlin Regan (Flickr) What is your father like? My dad is compassionate, hilarious, and playful! I owe a lot of my enthusiasm for life to him. With Father's Day approaching, I wanted to...