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"Laura, We just wanted to say Thanks! for all your help that you gave us on the beautiful playground. We can never thank you enough. Please tell all your co-workers. I have sent you a few pictures and a DVD. Hope you enjoy." - Jenny, Mtn Valley Church - 08/26/2013

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Parenting Lessons From the Fandom Fathers
Photo by lozikiki (Flickr) Parenting is a wild ride. We ask for help only to get jumble of clashing answers in return. With so many styles, opinions, products, and experts, it's no wonder we feel...

Wonder Woman: 11 Kid-Friendly Fitness Tips for Moms
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Wild Child: 9 Ways to Nurture a Free Spirit in Kids
Photo by Jeff Rhines (Flickr) I was blessed with free-spirited parents that encouraged me to let my true colors blossom. Today, I seek to nurture this liberty of self-expression in my own kids. My...