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"Laura, We just wanted to say Thanks! for all your help that you gave us on the beautiful playground. We can never thank you enough. Please tell all your co-workers. I have sent you a few pictures and a DVD. Hope you enjoy." - Jenny, Mtn Valley Church - 08/26/2013

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Play to Learn, Learn to Play: 10 Benefits of Recess
Photo by Soft Surfaces Ltd (Flickr) "Today's young children are controlled by the expectations, schedules, whims, and rules of adults. Play in the only time they can take control of their world." ~...

It's Easy Being Green: 7 Ways to Empower Your Kids to Recycle
Photo by epSos .de (Flickr) The world is a lush, vibrant source of wonder and nourishment! It's our duty to sustain it just as it sustains us. I was seeing green since birth; my parents sought to...

15 Playful Interview Questions to Ask Your Kids
Photo by Lenore Edman (Flickr) There's no doubt that play matters, but play can go beyond just fun physical movement. In fact, a playful brain becomes resilient and creative! Let's explore how we can...