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"Laura, We just wanted to say Thanks! for all your help that you gave us on the beautiful playground. We can never thank you enough. Please tell all your co-workers. I have sent you a few pictures and a DVD. Hope you enjoy." - Jenny, Mtn Valley Church - 08/26/2013

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Reach for the Sky: 9 Benefits of Hiking for Kids
Photo by Jeff Turner (Flickr) When my girls were little, they loved taking nature walks around the block. They'd look at flowers, try to find bugs, and enjoy the fresh air. Now that they're older,...

Tinkering Tots! 7 Ways That Play Helps Kids Grow into Thinkers and Inventors
Photo by Pascal (Flickr) When you consider the great thinkers and inventors of all time, who comes to mind? I think of philosophers like Plato and Ayn Rand and inventors like Marie Curie and Thomas...

9 Fun Ways for Kids to Keep Learning Over the Summer
Photo by vastateparksstaff (Flickr) Summer break may be your kids' favorite time of year, but typical students lose two months of math skills over the summer, according to the National Summer...