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Spring Activities To Get Outside After Winter

After a long, cold winter with lots of snow, it's exciting to see spring arrive. Slowly, the air doesn't feel quite as cold, and the snow and ice on the ground disappears. You can go outside without winter coats and boots to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. It's important to play games and run outside every day to stay healthy. Your body needs exercise and fresh air because this helps you grow and stay strong. Enjoy springtime outside by playing outdoor games and trying spring activities.

You might have gotten used to spending a lot of time indoors during the winter. It's good to change up your habits once it's warmer outside so you can enjoy spending more time outdoors. Playing outside every day is a great way to get important exercise. You probably see adults exercising, jogging on a treadmill or working out at a gym. Kids need exercise every day, too, to build strong muscles and a strong heart. Lots of different activities count as exercise, so you will probably find that it's fun to stay active and exercise your body. When you run, play sports, climb and jump around on playground equipment, and dance, you are giving your body good exercise. Active kids are usually healthy and happy.

Spending time with friends as you explore spring activities is also good for you. You can have fun sharing outdoor toys and playing active games like tag and hide and seek. Kids who live near you might be good playmates in the afternoons or on the weekends. You might also enjoy playing with classmates during recess at school. Your parents might even help you meet new friends at a community center or park near your house. Making friends and spending time with kids your age helps you feel happy and full of energy.

There are lots of spring activities to explore outside during this time of the year. As nature wakes up after a long winter sleep, you might be amazed at the things you can discover outdoors. You and your family could go on a special scavenger hunt to find spring sounds such as frogs croaking, birds singing, someone mowing their lawn, and the sounds of kids playing outside. A scavenger hunt could also include finding signs of spring such as buds on a tree, the first robin of the year, spring flowers, and houses with windows open to let in fresh air.

Playing outside and trying different outdoor games can be fun for you and your family or friends. Take some sidewalk chalk outside and draw hopscotch squares on the pavement. You could also draw a life-sized outline of yourself on the pavement with the chalk. Blow bubbles and have fun with your friends trying to catch them as they float away. Slip on some boots and venture outside after a spring rain shower to splash in puddles. Look for worms on the ground that often come up after the rain falls.

Discover nature outdoors as it wakes up in the spring. Go on a walk to see and hear as many different birds as you can. Bring along binoculars and a bird book to help identify different birds. Plant some flowers or a vegetable garden to celebrate spring. If you have a place to grow plants in your yard, you could work with your family to plant seeds. If you don't have enough room for planting in the ground, fill some pots with dirt and plant seeds in pots. Keep the soil moist with a little water every day and watch your new plants grow and thrive.

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