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Playground Border Calculator

When it comes to putting the borders up around your playground, timbers and rubber curbs are the easiest way to clearly define the line. Not only will they easily convey the borders of the playground, but they will also help keep the loose fill safety surfacing inside the boundaries of the playground. Calculating the amount of timbers or curbs can be difficult depending on the shape of your space. Allow us to do the work for you! This Playground Border Calculator will ease the process. Simply enter the linear feet and the type of timbers desired into the calculator and the results will tell you the total number of timbers needed!

Playground Timbers are a huge asset to any playground:

  • They help give the playground a finished look
  • They clearly define the borders of the playground
  • They help to show the safety zones for the equipment
  • They keep loose fill safety surfacing contained inside the borders of the playground

Calculate Here!

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Does not take into account corners that are cut or trimmed.

Linear Feet (feet)

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