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Guide for Team Building Activities

Teambuilding games, activities and exercises are essential for healthy child development and are useful in many aspects of our lives. As children learn how to effectively work together to solve problems and complete tasks, they also learn to communicate and think clearly and creatively. Use the resources provided below to help students hone their teambuilding skills on the playground and at school.

Let's Work Together Learn why teambuilding is essential for personal and group development in children, what skills can be learnt from teambuilding activities, and what activities are suitable for preschool and school-aged children.

Team Efforts: Explore the Benefits of Teamwork Explore the advantages of teambuilding with three cooperative games designed for children between the ages of 3 and 5.

A Guide to Cooperative Learning Information on how students can benefit from cooperative learning, what role the teacher plays in group activities, types of cooperative learning models, and descriptions of some commonly used cooperative learning techniques.

Jigsaw Groups for Cooperative Learning The jigsaw learning method encourages children to separate into "jigsaw groups" where they can work together to learn academic material or solve problems, before sharing what they've learned with other groups.

Classroom Organization Strategies for more efficient classroom organization, including tips on how to work effectively in small groups and how to help underperforming students succeed in the classroom.

Great Group Games: Team Building for Kids List of on-your-feet group teambuilding games designed to build trust, communication, and academic skills in children.

Let's Get Physical: Warm-up Activities Involving Movement and Language These warm-up activities involve both movement and language, and are designed to build English skills, promote teambuilding, and help children become more engaged for learning.

22 Fun Teambuilding Games A list of fun activities you can do that will strengthen teamwork and foster bonding experiences among kids. You can use these at your next field day or gym class.

Survival Scenario Exercise Survival scenario exercises that encourage children to work together and avoid conflict when dealing with a variety of difficult imaginary scenarios.

The Penny Problem Group activity that involves brainstorming the pros and cons of the penny, researching information, and discussing and sharing ideas regarding the continuation of the penny.

Keypunch Challenging teambuilding activity for the entire classroom that builds problem-solving skills and encourages children to work together to accomplish a task.

Team Building Activities 16 teambuilding activities, games and exercises that help children better understand each other and work together efficiently.

Sports4Kids Playbook This playbook introduces sports, play, and physical activity to children, and provides several ideas for cooperative games designed to strengthen teambuilding skills. (PDF)

Team Building Activities Teambuilding games and activities for school or at home that help improve team dynamics, facilities communication, and help children build trust.

Team Building Exercises for Children List of eight cooperative games designed to help children build critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills.

Cooperative Team and Class Building Activities Lesson plan that encourages children to engage in teambuilding and class building activities, while identifying ways to improve social and communication skills.

We're Different/We're Alike Classroom activity that uses Venn diagrams to show students how they are alike and different than their classmates.

Team Building Games & Activities List of fun teambuilding games and activities that help to unite students and strengthen bonds between classmates.

Team-Building Tips & Resources Teambuilding games for children between the ages of 8 and 14 that challenge kids to think, work, and play as a team.

5th Grade Leadership and Teambuilding Curriculum Leadership and teambuilding curriculum for 5th graders that includes activity resources and PowerPoint presentations.

It's Too Loud in Here! Teamwork in the Classroom Lesson plan for students in grades K to 2 where children in small groups discuss and reflect on their feelings, thoughts, and ideas, before moving onto a whole-group class discussion.

Team Building List of teambuilding activities with the objectives to allow students to work together in groups to solve problems, and to better understand the power of both verbal and non-verbal communication.

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