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Play All Summer with these Fun Camp Games

Many parents remember playing freeze tag and Wiffle ball during the summertime when they were kids. In fact, playing outside meant freedom to have fun until the streetlights came on for most kids. Unfortunately, a new trend has shifted from the great outdoors to the indoors for newer generations. As a result, more kids have gotten out of shape and sickly due to weakened immune systems. Encouraging kids to play outside during the summer may have more benefits than most parents would think, especially when structured in group settings. Playing outside keeps kids active, entertained, and socializing. It also helps to build essential skills that could go with them as they grow older. Consider these fun games and activities to help your kids stay active and lively during the summer.

Nature Games

Water Games

Sports-Related Games

Team-Building Games

Circle Games

  • Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves: Test your concentration and rhythm by playing this game with a group of friends in a circle.
  • Animal Name Game: This is a fun introductory icebreaker that will have you and your friends laughing at the end.
  • Bippity Bop Bop Bop (PDF): Get energized with your friends as you learn each other's names in this fun circle game.
  • Circle Games (PDF): Play the Shoe Game and Pebble, Pebble in a circle with your friends.
  • A Collection of Circle Games (PDF): Get members of your camp to play these fun circle games.

Rainy-Day Games

Adaptive Games

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