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Soft Grip Chain

  • Soft Grip Chain

Soft Grip Chain

Manufacturer: Child Works

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Product Description

If you think back to your own playground days, you likely remember how uncomfortable it was to hold onto swing chains. Fingers often got pinched in them, and you probably could have played longer if your hands were not so sore. Child Works has solved these problems so kids can swing longer and be more comfortable with the Soft Grip Chain. A thick, super soft material coats the chain so they are a pleasure to hold onto. The grips themselves are 30 inches long, and then you can choose from a 42 or 66-inch overall chain length. Since they are available in green, red, or yellow, there is surely one to match your playground equipment perfectly, or you can make your swings multicolored! These Soft Grip Chains are designed for commercial use so they are durable and long-lasting.

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