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The Benefits of Water Play

What Does Water Play Teach Our Children?

Most children naturally love playing with water and enjoy the rich sensory experience it provides. Water play is a great way to encourage a child’s natural fascination with water, and provides to them the chance to freely experiment with it and see what it can do. Not only is water play enjoyable, it is a great learning experience as it helps children with physical and cognitive development. Adding equipment meant specifically for water play to a playground adds a fun and safe opportunity for kids to have fun with water, especially in warm weather!

Skills and Development

Water play encourages the development of a wide range of new skills. Young children can develop their fine motor skills through this type of sensory play. Picking toys out of the water and manipulating containers full of water by squeezing, filling, and pouring helps kids develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Even splashing and making waves is valuable to their understanding of the world as they experience different textures, sensations, and temperatures in the water. Water play also encourages children's social skills through imaginative play. By playing with water, children are given the freedom to create pretend scenarios using even the simplest of toys. Through these games they'll practice working together and problem solving. Water play also helps create an early interest in science and math. Watching toys float and sink introduces kids to concepts like buoyancy and weight, while filling containers teaches concepts like empty and full. Kids can experiment with toys and containers to learn the effect of water on different objects. Parents and teachers can use directed play and activities to help children learn more complex concepts like comparative size, cause and effect, and measurements. Water play is also a great opportunity to teach kids the natural properties of water--how it combines with other substances, water in its different natural states, and more. These fun lessons can foster an early interest in science and the natural world.

Water Play Equipment

One of the most popular types of outdoor water play equipment is sand and water tables. This type of water play equipment for children is the perfect addition to any playground. These tables are designed to encourage socialization and learning. They are also wonderful educational tools that can be used to facilitate lessons and activities. Water-flow equipment like streams and fountains is another great type of outdoor water play equipment. These stations allow for relaxing, imaginative play. Many are styled to look like natural streams or waterways, adding an extra layer of fun when creating games and pretend scenarios. Children can use streams and fountains to play with boats, toys, and create their own fun games. This allows kids take a refreshing break from more physical play while still socializing and having fun. They can also use it to channel energy by splashing and making waves. Both types of equipment lend themselves to group play and independent play. Parents and teachers can add an extra element of fun by adding new toys, containers, or even fun add-ins like bubbles and food coloring. When introducing equipment to a playground, it's important to ensure that the area has a non-slip surfacing as spills and splashes are an inherent part of water play.

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