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Heavy-Duty Swings

Why would your organization need to buy heavy-duty swing sets? You may be the owner of a campground and feel that a heavy-duty swing set is an unnecessary investment. But think about the conditions under which your equipment will be used, and also think about the people who will be using it. After you lay out all of the reasons why you should purchase heavy-duty swings, you will have to agree that it makes a lot of sense.

For The Safety of Your Guests

We sell heavy-duty playground equipment to a wide variety of organizations all over the country. Some of our customers are using their playgrounds to generate income, while others are doing their best to offer kids a place to go where they won't get in trouble. We always tell our customers that they need to be realistic about the kind of use their swing sets will get and consider what would happen if a swing set should fail while children are using it.

Most swing sets, whether they are heavy-duty swing sets or not, are made of metal. Aside from the injuries that could occur to children as they fall, there would also be the danger of sharp metal objects. Investing in a heavy-duty swing set is a strong investment in the safety of your guests.

For Insurance Purposes

When new customers shop with us, they will sometimes try to purchase equipment that we may feel is inadequate for their needs. We absolutely understand the need to be economical, but what about your insurance? If something were to happen to your guests while they were on your playground and you did not have a heavy-duty swing set, then your insurance company may not cover you. The end result could be financial disaster for your organization.

For Your Return on Investment

One basic fact is that heavy-duty swings last longer than any other kind of playground equipment. Swing sets tend to get a great deal of use throughout their lives, and there are several areas on a swing set that wear out over time. We always recommend that you have one of our trained technicians come to your site and do routine maintenance on your heavy-duty playground equipment at least once a year to make sure it is safe. But we will also do all of the maintenance activities that will make your equipment last longer.

We know that you do not want to have to keep buying new playground equipment every few years. That is why we strongly suggest heavy-duty equipment that will withstand the elements and the abuse from regular wear and tear. The equipment you buy at a home improvement warehouse or a big-box department store is just not designed to withstand that kind of abuse. When you make the right investment in heavy-duty equipment, you will have something that will last for many years.

For Your Facility's Reputation

When parents look for new places to take their children, they will often go online to see what other parents are saying. If you do not invest in playground equipment that was made to last, then that kind of lack of quality reflects on your entire organization. Whether you are in it for profit or you are just trying to create a place for children to have fun, parents are very particular about where they take their children to play. If your facility has a reputation for unsafe or inadequate playground equipment, children will be kept away.

Investing in good playground equipment makes the statement that you care about your guests. Instead of risking the future of your organization by saving a few bucks on inferior swing sets, we encourage you to contact us; we will give you quotes on equipment that will make your facility the talk of the town.

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