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Playground Installation

AAA State of play provides nationwide installation of playground equipment. Although installation is never included in the retail price, we can provide estimates for any installation, nationwide.

All products are delivered knocked down (not assembled) unless otherwise noted. Detailed assembly instructions and a packing list are included in the hardware bag(s) of your shipment and should be carefully checked against your order immediately.

Types of Installations:

1. Full Installation

This includes the professional installation of the play structures by a certified playground installer. A professional installer will install equipment according to manufacturer specifications. The installer is responsible for final completion of the playground. This includes any time expense involved with missing hardware, delayed shipments, and missing hardware.

2. Supervised Installation

Save thousands of dollars on large projects. A supervised install requires the customer to provide all labor and tools for installing the equipment. A supervisor will provide valuable knowledge and help coordinate your volunteers effectively. Supervised installation is purchased on a day-to-day basis as needed, often 1-2 days.

3. Customer Installation

The purchaser is responsible for all structures installation. Often the best way to save money and afford more equipment. Major factors to include in deciding on customer installation is availability and experience of volunteers. Try to set up at least one day where your volunteers can meet for a few minutes to discuss tools and experience.