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Adult Playgrounds and Exercise Equipment

Playgrounds are not just for children anymore! This category highlights all of the fitness equipment that is designed for adults. These pieces are installed outdoors so adults can enjoy being outside while working out. The adult fitness equipment allows a bit of fun when it comes to working out. These pieces of equipment are not designed to be used by children.

A Parents' and Kids' Guide to Getting Fit at the Playground

Playground workouts aren't just for kids any more. Any parent can also get in a good round of cardio or even work on arm strength while spending time around playground exercise equipment. Whether a parent is running around after little ones, or making creative use of the equipment on hand, it's possible to stay fit at the playground at any age. While kids are more prone to swinging and jumping on the playground, at AAA State of Play we want to encourage parents and kids alike to use our equipment in ways that serve their physical fitness too. As long as parents and children are in tennis shoes and flexible clothing, they can definitely find a way to safely use our playgrounds as a part of a fitness plan.

Easy Fitness Essentials

As an adult, it can be difficult fit into all of the equipment nooks and crannies that a child can. However, there are plenty of ways to use certain apparatus as a fitness tool. For example, park benches or Sit Up Stations make perfect equipment for doing step-ups. For this exercise, one simply steps up on the bench with one foot and then the other. Next, just step back down and then repeat the process several times in a row. Parents can also use a bench or similar equipment for dips by squatting in front of the bench and putting their palms on the seat. Lifting the body up and then dipping back down builds the strength of arm muscles. Other equipment, like playground platforms or swings, make good playground fitness equipment for stabilizing the body to do push-ups.

Getting a Complete Work Out

If a parent or child is new to working out, they can still find two or three exercises that are sensible for their fitness level. It's good to choose one exercise for arms, one to strengthen the legs, and another that will get the heart going. For cardio, parents and kids can jump over balance beams or low playground exercise equipment to get started and then work to jogging around the playground. Apparatuses like the SportsPlay Twister Beam or Stepping Stones are good for jumping routines. Regardless of how fit people are when they start playground work outs, AAA State of Play encourages everyone to find a way to use benches, platforms, ladders, and other equipment to get a comprehensive workout in each time they make a visit to a playground. Corporations that buy playground equipment and outdoor fitness trail equipment should encourage visitors and employees to see the playground as a place where people of all ages can get in a complete workout.

Making it a Family Affair

Fitness playground equipment should be a place where family members can all come together for play and physical fitness. While the primary objective is for kids to run out their energy and get an opportunity to be outdoors in a safe environment -- we know that adults want to get in some play time too on outdoor fitness trail equipment or playground fitness equipment. Adults can work with kids to create new games that are active, or set goals for the day. When the family makes workout goals, or even awards prizes for the fastest times or best performance, playground workouts can be very effective for everyone.

AAA State of Play makes it easy for corporations to shop for and purchase fitness playground equipment online. We offer all types or equipment that is appropriate for various age levels. If you want to encourage adults to use the space as a work out venue, bear in mind that benches and other standing equipment are good additions, as they give parents some space from kids where they can keep a close eye on their little ones while conducting their own exercises.

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