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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Exercise Equipment for Playgrounds

Both schools and parks are active places for children and adults. As a result, they are ideal locations for outdoor gymnastics equipment and workout stations. AAA State of Play provides a wide selection of outdoor fitness stations to public and commercial entities. At schools, outdoor exercise playground equipment helps to challenge students physically and offers numerous health benefits. Outdoor fitness stations provide many opportunities for maximum fitness and fun! Our adult and children’s exercise equipment allows people of all ages to use all of their muscle groups as they climb, jump, pull, or push.

Outside Workout Equipment

Plenty of fun pieces of playground equipment can also serve to give you a great workout, like these:

  • Boarding net
  • Sky walker
  • Horizontal ladder
  • Pull slide
  • Chin-up bars
  • Double glider
  • Freestanding log roll

Whether you need to purchase one piece of equipment for a playground or want to design an entire outdoor fitness park for your school or municipality, we are here to help. Browse our large selection of outdoor gym equipment online to find challenging yet fun activities that kids will remember for a lifetime. Fitness equipment such as balance beams, parallel bars, climbers, and swing bars can be popular options, but more modern choices such as outdoor fitness stations are also a good choice for parks and other locations, as they can offer a challenging workout suitable for both children and adults.

Outdoor Equipment Price List: Popular Pieces

Outdoor Fitness Equipment Price

Parallel Bars


Triple Horizontal Bar


Sit-Up Station


Boarding Net


Single Rower Machine


Freestanding Log Roll


Double Glider


For kids, the need for outdoor exercise playground equipment is undeniable. Having access to high-quality play fixtures promotes an increase in physical activity, which is effective in combating childhood obesity. This is very important, as childhood obesity can cause depression, low self-esteem, and serious future health concerns. Out of children between the ages of 6 and 11 years old, 30 percent are overweight, and 15 percent are obese! Our outdoor exercise stations encourage children to exert themselves by participating in physical activities while also reaping the benefits of outdoor play. Kids’ gym equipment for schools and other public locations helps them build strength while improving balance and flexibility. Improving in these areas results in a lifetime of benefits, the most important of which include better health and fitness. On the playground, children also develop better problem-solving skills and communication as they interact with others. Outdoor play is crucial for brain and intellectual development, too.

Turn to AAA State of Play for safe and sturdy outdoor gymnastics equipment and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our low prices. All of our outdoor exercise stations are top-quality and built to withstand regular use in a school setting. In addition to individual pieces of exercise playground equipment, we also offer fitness courses that have several pieces of equipment. We can also design an outdoor fitness park that meets both your space and budget needs. To place your order or ask questions about our outdoor fitness equipment, contact us today.

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