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Our outdoor benches are suitable for use at parks, playgrounds, schools, churches, and business centers and in homeowners’ association common areas. No matter what size or style you’re looking for, we can help you find everything you need in a bench: outdoor benches with or without a back, a large playground bench that can seat several adults, or smaller outdoor seating options for areas with limited space.

At AAA State of Play, we believe that commercial benches shouldn’t have to cost a lot to be durable, which is why we strive to make all of our outdoor park benches affordable. Just choose one of our aluminum or plastic commercial outdoor benches for sale to view details about it or add it to your quote cart. With us, you can shop with confidence, secure in the knowledge that every product we carry is safe, durable, and economical, too.

We also pride ourselves on great service: Get in touch with us by phone or online and we’d be happy to answer all of your questions about our outside benches. Our customer service representatives can give you a free quote and provide information about installation processes. They can also help you find other equipment that will complement your existing playground.

Contact us today to learn more about all of our equipment for children and to get started on completing your outdoor play area the way you envision it. We can even help you with a custom order if you need something you don’t see in our inventory. Trust AAA State of Play to help you outfit your recreational space today!

Bike Racks

These days, more and more people are turning to bike riding to get around. Whether it be to get more exercise or to save money on gas and car expenses, biking is on the rise. Many cities have taken the initiative to add more bike lanes to roads to give the bikers a safe place to ride.

As more facilities are providing access for bike riders, more bike equipment such as racks are needed for bikes to be stored. Bikes racks are not only a good idea, but may be required in many places for security purposes. They provide a safe and sturdy place for riders to lock up their bikes. You will find bike racks to be heavy duty, standing up to the elements, and lasting for years. Therefore, providing a safe and trusted lock up place.

Space to install bike racks is not an issue given the many different designs available. The footprint of a bike rack can be limited to a single post or several, ensuring that you can find one to fit your area. From traditional styles that support several bikes to more modern styles that support one or two at a time, there is always a bike rack to fit the amount of traffic. Some bike racks are even double sided, perfect for the busiest areas.

Providing a bike rack for bike riders ensures you will always have traffic through your area. Riders like knowing they have a safe place to store their bike while they take a break from riding. Bike racks can also draw in new riders as they explore your bike friendly areas.

Bike Repair Stations

Every bicyclist should be prepared for the possibility of a breakdown part way through a trip. Sharp objects along a trail could puncture a wheel and create a flat. Loose hardware can rattle away to create bothersome noise or even shake off entirely, leaving a traveler suddenly without a necessary nut or bolt. And then a fast journey becomes a stressful chore as you’re forced to slowly march a disabled vehicle along.

Ideally, the well-prepared cyclist has brought along an emergency kit for these scenarios. But what about the casual rider? Or the eventual day where even the most rigorous planner forgot to pack their pouch of handy equipment? Maintenance stations become welcome oases for restoration of the biker’s peace of mind.

Sustainability initiatives start with the creation of biking paths or the promotion of bikes as acceptable methods of transport. But they’re more likely to see long-term success through additional development of key pieces of infrastructure support. Riders of all ability levels will more regularly use bike trails once they discover that there’s always a reliable place to stop and refill a tire, diagnose a problem, or attempt a fix with some handy tools.

Outdoor Trash Cans

The responsible disposal of garbage can reduce the debris that collects in public spaces like a park or school grounds. Outdoor trash cans can keep playgrounds safe to visit and help children learn that decreasing litter can be good for the environment. For example, adults who clean up after using an outdoor campfire grill can set an example of how to respect the environment. Children learn to throw their garbage into playground trash cans by watching others do so. By practicing good habits for kids to follow, adults can raise a generation of earth-conscious individuals.

As part of our inventory, we offer quality garbage cans that can also serve as recycling centers. Place these receptacles near other trash cans, then post signs nearby to explain how to use them to decrease waste. These outdoor trash cans will help you follow any green initiatives set by your institution or organization. With the right rules in place, your recreational space can serve as a mini-recycling center as well as a fun spot for children. A park trash can can make your playground a safe, clean place to play.

AAA State of Play has the best playground trash cans around, and when you browse our online selection, you can also find plenty of other items that can complement your purchase. You can also buy accessories for your outdoor garbage receptacle, like tops, to ensure total satisfaction with your order. Contact us by phone or online for help in selecting the best outdoor trash receptacles for your needs. Our friendly staff would be happy to help you pick the perfect products for the best price!

Recycled Outdoor Furniture

When creating any playground or park, it is important to have enough seating to fit everyone who needs a rest. At AAA State of Play, we offer only the most durable, high-quality recycled plastic outdoor furniture for sale online at bargain prices. All of our commercial-grade park benches and tables are made from quality recycled plastic. Benches, chairs, and tables are all very important pieces of equipment for any commercial park or playground. AAA State of Play understands how important it is for parks to have safe, long-lasting equipment. Our customer service team is happy to stand behind our products and answer any questions or concerns you may have about your purchase.

When designing any playground or park, it is important to have enough seating to fit everyone who needs a rest. Benches, chairs, and tables are all very important pieces of equipment for any park or playground and create a multi-use area that can be used for more than play. AAA State of Play understands how important it is for parks to have safe, long-lasting equipment. That’s why we offer only the most durable, high-quality recycled outdoor furniture for sale online at affordable prices. All of our commercial-grade park benches and tables are made from premium recycled plastic.

Jayhawk Plastics is one of the top recycled plastic outdoor furniture manufacturers and is a great source of eco-friendly fixtures for those who are environmentally conscious. We offer recycled plastic chairs, benches, picnic tables, receptacles, planters, and message centers so you can furnish your entire outdoor space. Our recycled plastic patio furniture is available in a variety of colors and designs sure to fit any theme or budget. Jayhawk Plastics recycled plastic products are great choices for outdoor park furniture because they are easy to maintain, help to reduce pollution, and saves countless trees. And with our low prices, fast shipping, and great service, AAA State of Play is a great choice for where to buy them.

Choosing Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture for Your Playground or Park

When selecting seating and other non-play equipment for a park, recycled plastic furniture is an excellent option. Recycled outdoor furniture has a number of benefits. A plastic outdoor table or chair is waterproof, will last for decades, is UV-resistant, does not require repainting, and is extremely easy to clean. Unlike wood, recycled plastic outdoor furniture will not crack, rot, chip, or peel when exposed to the elements over a long period of time. A plastic outdoor chair is also saltwater-resistant, making it the perfect choice for parks or other recreation areas near oceans. We know that when you’re planning to purchase playground or park fixtures, it’s important to buy the most cost-effective equipment possible without sacrificing quality. That’s why when you’re shopping for outdoor furniture, recycled plastic deserves a look: Not only does it not require ongoing maintenance, but you are unlikely to encounter replacement costs that can be associated with other types of commercial furniture.

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