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Glide Elbows: How They Help

Glide Elbow Exploded View

Shade structures come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. The one thing that is consistent no matter what the design of the shade, is how difficult it can be to install the shade fabric. The fabric has to be pulled very tight in order to be properly installed, and that can be very difficult to do by hand. Glide elbows make the installation process much easier.

The glide elbow features a fabric hook with cable guide that securely holds the shade fabric in place. A drive nut is located at the end of the pole and it is rotated to tension the fabric. As the drive nut is rotated the fabric hook moves down, towards the end of the pole, tightening the shade fabric as it moves. Once the hook has reached the end of the pole, the shade fabric will be properly installed. A protective cover is put in place over the drive nut, protecting from any damage.

Aside from ease of installation, another major benefit of a glide elbow is how quick the process is. Not only is it installed and tightened quickly, but it can be taken down just as fast. This is extremely beneficial when there is a threat of bad weather. Being able to take the shade fabric down quickly before severe weather, like hurricanes, tornadoes, or snow storms, will increase the life of the shade. This leads to less cost as a customer, since the shade will not need to be replaced as often, and an installer will not be needed as often.

Benefits of Glide Elbows

  • Reduces Installation Time and Costs
  • Ability to Remove Roof Quickly
  • Come at Minimal Upfront Cost

For More Information

Contact a sales representative at AAA State of Play with any questions regarding shade systems including those with Glide Elbows. Browse the many varieties of Shade Structures online or request a catalog online today!

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