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Guide to Following School Playground Equipment Trends

Trends in School Playground Equipment

Not only does exercise enhance a child's physical health, but it also benefits their motor skills, cognitive skills, and their emotional health. Pretend play, or "make-believe" play, provides similar benefits for young children . When children use their imagination to entertain themselves, they improve their critical thinking skills and their ability for cognitive flexibility. For these reasons, it is important for children to play and pretend both at home and at school. Playgrounds provide perfect spaces for children to be active and to play, which will improve both their physical and mental capabilities. At AAA State of Play, we provide the latest school playground equipment that can help your child play, learn, and thrive. Take a look at the following trends in elementary school playground equipment.

Recycled - Taking care of the environment is important, which is why we offer recycled school playground equipment. Our recycled playground equipment helps make the environment a cleaner place, while also providing safe and sturdy structures for children to play on. Instead of sending more plastic to landfills, we recycle plastic and use it to build fun playground equipment for schools. The recycled equipment we offer is just as durable and high quality as any non-recycled piece of equipment offered on our site.

Themed Play - Children often have an easier time using their imaginations when various props are accessible, such as themed play structures. For instance, at AAA State of Play, you can buy playgrounds designed to look like fire engines, pumpkin patches, medieval castles, tropical islands, space ships, and more. These themes allow for unlimited stories and scenarios that can help improve a child's cognitive function and creativity. With dozens of themed playgrounds to choose from, AAA State of Play is the best online resource for buying play equipment for school playgrounds, public playgrounds, and backyards.

Sports - Engaging in sports at a young age is healthy for both boys and girls, as sports teach children about camaraderie, good sportsmanship, and healthy competition. They can also help children develop a love for physical activity, which will benefit their health for years to come. AAA State of Play provides many great options of sports equipment ideal for elementary school playground equipment. From single-player to multi-player sports equipment, such as tetherball, funnel ball games, triple hoop games, and more, AAA is the best place to shop for school playground sports equipment that will excite children and fuel their love for athletic play.

Handicap Accessible - Gone are the days when children with handicaps couldn't enjoy school playground equipment. AAA State of Play provides handicap accessible playground equipment for schools, such as adaptive swings, specially designed sand diggers, wheelchair ramps, and more. Children with disabilities should be able to enjoy the playground just like any other child, and with our specially-designed playground equipment, they can play, swing, imagine, and look forward to time on the playground. More and more schools are beginning to buy handicap accessible playground equipment to create a safe and fun space that everyone can share.

Whether you are searching for school playground equipment that provides a creative outlet for children to make-believe or are looking for structures that are handicap accessible, AAA State of Play is the best place to make easy online purchases of any type of playground equipment. With our versatile, safe, and creatively-designed play structures, children can reap the benefits of physical and imaginative play while creating strong social bonds in the process. Get the newest and trendiest playground equipment for your school by visiting our online store.

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