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International Mulch Company Playground Safety Products

The International Mulch Company has been at the forefront of innovative, eco-friendly solutions for recycling rubber since their opening in 2000. Their high-quality rubber mulch products, made entirely from recycled rubber in the United States, are a testament to their commitment to environmental sustainability and the circular economy. The company recycles millions of pounds of rubber per year, transforming it into products that make playgrounds safer and landscapes more attractive. When you shop for playground equipment with AAA State of Play, you can also shop for high-quality International Mulch Company products to add the perfect finishing touches to your play space.

Playground Safety Surfacing

International Mulch Company rubber mulch, sold under the Rubberific and NuPlay brands, is a great choice for playground safety surfacing, offering excellent shock absorbency that exceeds the highest ASTM standards. Designed with children's safety in mind, our mulch minimizes playground-related injuries, making it the preferred choice for schools, parks, and day-care centers across the nation. Its durability and low maintenance requirements, coupled with ADA compliance, can help you ensure that your play areas are both safe and accessible for all children. We also carry recycled rubber mats that you can place on top of playground mulch in high-traffic areas to keep the mulch in place.

Landscaping Aesthetics With Zero Hassle

Beyond playgrounds, this rubber mulch is also great for creating pristine, maintenance-free landscapes. It won’t rot, and it won’t attract insects or mold, unlike traditional wood mulch. Available in a variety of colors, rubber mulch also maintains its color year-round without fading. And the International Mulch Company also makes rubber timbers to enclose mulched areas for a neat and tidy look.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

International Mulch Company products are simple to install, requiring little more than basic household tools. Landscape timbers can be secured in place with metal spikes and a mallet. Once you’ve outlined a space with rubber border edging, you can pour in your rubber mulch and rake it flat.

Explore these eco-friendly, durable, and low-maintenance rubber playground surfacing solutions today, then get a free quote and take the next step toward a safer, more beautiful space.

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