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Safety Features for Preschool Playgrounds

In addition to choosing engaging and age-appropriate early childhood playground equipment, it’s also important to address safety issues that affect outdoor play areas for preschoolers. Careful planning of safety features can help ensure that your new recreation area is a secure space that is suitable for energetic young children. Surfacing is an important protective feature to consider when installing outdoor playground equipment for preschool use. While injuries are inevitable during active play, choosing the right surfacing materials and installing additional safety measures can help mitigate the hazards of active play on preschool swings, slides, and climbing structures. AAA State of Play offers several surfacing options, including rubber nuggets, wood mulch, rubber mats, poured-in rubber, and synthetic grass. Appropriate surfacing will depend upon the type of preschool outdoor play equipment you have as well as budget and aesthetic considerations.

In addition to protective surfacing, carefully assess the conditions of your play area and determine if other safety measures are needed, such as safety borders and shade structures. When building a preschool playground, it’s also important to consult official government guidelines to ensure that all of your equipment choices and safety measures meet current local and national standards.

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