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The Benefits of Sandboxes on Modern Playgrounds

Sensory play is so important in child development, and putting kids in a sandbox is one of the tried and true methods of engaging their minds as well as bodies. Parents and teachers can take advantage of a child’s curiosity by using sand play, water play, fossil diggables, and sand diggers, especially in a large sandbox. Kids can explore by building sandcastles, digging, and making up their own fun activities. Socialization is also built when kids play together in sandboxes or at sand tables. When parents and teachers put education first and encourage children to play together with a kids’ sandbox digger, they can get the sensory development that they need to grow into healthy and smart young people.

Sand play at home or in a sandbox for kids at a park or school encourages the use of the imagination and creativity. Playing in the sand with their hands or using a sand digger toy helps children develop their fine motor skills as well as improve their hand-eye coordination. Sensory development is also part of the experience as kids manipulate and mold the sand into different shapes and objects, such as tunnels, holes, and sandcastles, in a playground sandbox. While sand play is fun and a great way to pass the time on the playground, it also helps to develop important skills in a healthy environment.

Language development can also be a benefit of sand play as kids work together in a children’s sandbox and speak, listen, and cooperate during playtime. With the use of sand buckets, shovels, or a toy backhoe for sandbox play, children can move sand around as if they are on a construction site. Objects can be buried so that children can dig to find them, like how a paleontologist digs up fossils of animals. These diggable objects, coupled with sand diggers for kids, can provide children with another type of sensory play.

Don’t limit your children’s physical play to just sand! All kids love splashing and playing in the water, and our water tables allow children to learn how water acts and reacts to different objects. We also have tables that allow kids to play with flowing water as well as ones that combine sand play and water play, giving kids the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds at once and get a complex sensory experience.

At AAA State of Play, we offer sandboxes and sand diggers for kids that greatly enhance the typical playground at affordable prices. With commercial-grade sand play equipment such as a sand digger toy, sand tables, and sandboxes, we encourage fun outdoor play for kids at home, the park, day care, churches, community centers, or school. Our equipment is made of durable, high-quality materials so it can endure any type of weather. And as AAA State of Play only offers commercial-grade playground equipment, every sand digger and toy backhoe for sandbox play meets both ASTM and CPSC standards for child safety.

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