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Trash Receptacles

Outdoor Trash Cans and Accessories

No recreational area for children is complete without commercial playground trash cans. These small but essential pieces of affordable equipment contribute to a safe and healthy space for kids. At AAA State of Play, we understand that your playground is unique and your garbage cans should be, too. We have durable trash cans for sale as well as accessories such as tops, mounts, liners, and more, and our outdoor trash receptacles come in many styles to complement our bench and table designs. They’re fit to hold whatever your playground’s visitors can throw at or in them!

The responsible disposal of garbage can reduce the debris that collects in public spaces like a park or school grounds. Outdoor trash cans can keep playgrounds safe to visit and help children learn that decreasing litter can be good for the environment. For example, adults who clean up after using an outdoor campfire grill can set an example of how to respect the environment. Children learn to throw their garbage into playground trash cans by watching others do so. By practicing good habits for kids to follow, adults can raise a generation of earth-conscious individuals.

As part of our inventory, we offer quality garbage cans that can also serve as recycling centers. Place these receptacles near other trash cans, then post signs nearby to explain how to use them to decrease waste. These outdoor trash cans will help you follow any green initiatives set by your institution or organization. With the right rules in place, your recreational space can serve as a mini-recycling center as well as a fun spot for children. A park trash can can make your playground a safe, clean place to play.

AAA State of Play has the best playground trash cans around, and when you browse our online selection, you can also find plenty of other items that can complement your purchase. You can also buy accessories for your outdoor garbage receptacle, like tops, to ensure total satisfaction with your order. Contact us by phone or online for help in selecting the best outdoor trash receptacles for your needs. Our friendly staff would be happy to help you pick the perfect products for the best price!

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