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Playground Surfacing Options

Shop for engineered wood fiber, recycled rubber mulch, rubber tiles, beveled edge swing mats, and more.

Safety Rubber Playground Surfaces

Playground surfacing such as rubber play mulch keeps children's playgrounds safe. Falls from equipment to surfacing is the leading cause of injuries on playgrounds today. Poured-in-place rubber surfacing offers great fall protection and is available in several colors and pavement designs. Contact us to calculate your safety surface area.

Rubber Mats Surfacing for Increased Safety

The choice of material for playground surfacing is one of the most important factors in this regard. AAA State of Play offers a variety of playground safety surface options, including poured in place surfacing, engineered wood fiber carpet, artificial grass, rubber safety tiles, foam tiles, wooden playground mulch and recycled rubber mulch playground safety surfacing.

Rubber mulch surfacing protects children from injuries resulting from falls from playground climbers and other equipment. This playground surface is made with recycled materials and is an affordable and effective surface material for preventing playground injuries resulting from falls from playground climbers. We have playground rubber surfaces in mulch, tiles and poured on surfaces for any size playground.

We offer poured in place rubber surfacing for a durable, safe and maintenance free playground surface. This surface will last for years and put an end to the hassle and expense of replacing mulch every year. Contact us for assistance in determining your coverage needs for playground safety surface material and for information about installation of surfaces nationwide.

Playground safety surface comes in handy because parents are guaranteed safety should anything happen and the child slip. Regardless of the age bracket, playground surfaces should be installed in any play area. Rubber mats for instance acts as shock absorbers and this will reduce the kind of impact your child will have when they fall. Besides, falling is part of playing and they should learn from it.

Playground surfacing texture is a matter of concern and an aspect to question. Wooden chips and sand provide a coarse texture which is likely to scrape a child's skin in the event they fall. Besides, it is unhygienic because sand and wooden chips harbor dirt which makes it very hard to clean. In your effort to provide a good play area for your kids, you should not leave out the aspect of playground surfacing which might end up saving you hours on the emergency room. Playground safety surface vary in materials used to make them. Choose one which guarantees maximum safety for your child and does not compromise the type of play they wish to play.

Choosing the Safest Playground Surfacing Materials

You have picked out the slides, swings, and playground equipment you like, and are ready to choose a surface material to go underneath it all. We offer several different options, and when it comes to kids, the number one concern is going to be choosing the right material for playground safety. Surfacing materials can be made from wood chips, artificial grass, or rubber materials. Depending on an area's weather, your budget, playground equipment chosen, and how often the playground will be maintained, there are several surface materials that will be safe for your playground .

Playground Wood Chips

One of the most common types of surfacing materials people purchase are playground wood chips. These are found at playgrounds throughout the country and are very popular because of the low initial cost. Wood chips give enough added cushion to the ground to prevent injuries from children falling from slides or slipping while climbing. The impact rating depends on how thick the wood chips are, but usually 8" can protect an 8' fall. Wood chips do need to be maintained and periodically raked to level out the thin spots. Adding a layer of wood chips when needed will keep the ground cushioned enough to keep up with fall surfacing guidelines . The downside of woodchips is the weather can get to them and if recycled wood was used this might mean toxins could be released from water. Always know what type of wood is used and avoid woods recycled from something similar to old pallets. Playground wood chips have sand underneath for an additional cushion, but if not maintained this can become a giant litter box for cats and other animals.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has many benefits for playground safety. Surfacing the ground with artificial grass keeps the playground maintenance free and perfectly even. Other playground mulch surfaces get scattered and sparse in busy areas where kids run around the most, but artificial grass keeps a continual level and soft surface that doesn't have to raked or topped off. It is also an incredibly safe place for babies and toddlers to play on. Babies don't have loose materials to shove in their mouth and the ground is soft enough to crawl and flat for new walkers to keep balanced.

Playground Rubber Mulch

Rubber playground mulch is starting to become more and more popular as a surface for playgrounds. The number one safety benefit of playground rubber mulch is its shock-absorbing ability. When a child falls off the top of a slide, the rubber cushion helps prevent injuries. Although rubber surfaces in general are much softer than wood chips or bark, it is better to use rubber playground mulch than solid rubber mats because it displaces the area for when children fall and land. It also dries much faster than wood which helps prevent bugs and animals from getting in it.

Additional Surfaces

At the end of a slide or under the swing, playground mulch is usually sparse and kicked off to the side; this is when adding additional mats underneath playground equipment is needed. Laying swing mats under the swings will cut back on maintenance and keep children safer from falling on thin spots. You can also add mats at the slide landing, under a spinner, or surrounding merry go rounds and teeter totters. For water and splash parks we would recommend using a water rubber surface that is specifically designed to help protect children from slipping. The rubber surface is added to concrete and has enough friction to keep the water from making it slick. There are so many surfaces to choose from and when making a decision; weather, maintenance, and specific playground equipment selected, will all play a factor in the safety of it. Playground safety is always our concern, and we are here to help guide you as you shop our online playground mulch and can help you decide which is the safest surface material to buy for your playground. Contact AAA State of Play today to place your order.

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