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  • SW110WS_Elite_Series_5_inch_Single_Post_Cantilever_Swing_Blue_with_Adult_and_Child_Blue
  • SW110WS_Elite_Series_5_inch_Single_Post_Cantilever_Swing_Blue
  • SW110WS_Elite_Series_5_inch_Single_Post_Cantilever_Swing_Green
  • SW120WS_Elite_Series_5_inch_Single_Post_Cantilever_Swing_Blue
  • SW210WS_Elite_Series_5_inch_Single_Post_Cantilever_Swing_Green
  • SW210WS_Elite_Series_5_inch_Single_Post_Cantilever_Swing_Blue

Elite Series 5 inch Single Post Cantilever Swing

325.00 LBS
1-2 weeks, Ships Freight
List Price:
Your Price:
$1,053.87 You Save: 33%($526.43)

Age Group:
2 to 12 years
Use Zone:
1 Bay, 1 Cantilever (32' x 27' 8"); 1 Bay, 2 Cantilever (32' x 31' 11"); 2 Bays, 1 Cantilever (32' x 39' 2"); 2 Bays, 2 Cantilever (32' x 43' 5")
Product Highlights:
  • Blue and green colors standard, other colors available (not quick ship)
  • Cantilever attachment for bucket seats only
  • 7-foot cantilever height, 8-foot bay section top rail height

Product Description

The Elite Series 5 inch Single Post Cantilever Swing is a cleverly designed swing which is made to delight both young and old riders. The most unique feature of these swings is the cantilever, which is an extra attachment which is perfect for preschool aged children. The cantilever sets one swing at a slightly lower height, with farther spaced hangers. This slows that swing down, and prevents it from swinging dangerously high. The main bays house two swings apiece, and are designed for a more standard swinging experience which is suitable for older children and even adults. This set can be ordered with one or two bays, and one or two cantilevers. This allows some flexibility in the size of your swing, and a potential capacity of six seats (including the cantilever swings). It can optionally be ordered with a toddler-safe bucket seat for each cantilever, and two belt seats for each bay. It can also be ordered without any seats included, allowing you to customize the seats in your bay sections.

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