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39 lb 1.5 cubic feet Bagged NuPlay Rubber Mulch

  • 39 lb 1.5 cubic feet Bagged NuPlay Rubber Mulch
  • Unpainted Black NuPlay
  • Painted Black NuPlay
  • Painted Caribbean Blue NuPlay
  • Painted Earthtone NuPlay
  • Painted Forest Green NuPlay
  • Painted Redwood NuPlay

39 lb 1.5 cubic feet Bagged NuPlay Rubber Mulch

39.00 LBS
3-4 weeks, Ships Freight
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Product Highlights:
  • 75 cubic feet will cover 150 square feet at 6-inch depth (17 feet fall rating)
  • Use for more than just play: Landscaping, Obstacle Courses, Combat Training Pits
  • IPEMA certified (product undergoes third party testing and passes)

Product Description

Finally commercial rubber playground mulch is sold the way you want it! Buy Bagged NuPlay Rubber Mulch individually in 39 pound bags. Pick and choose your colors depending on your specific needs. Remember for shipping/freight we can put up to 50 bags on a single pallet. For example, you can choose 10 of each color Earthtone, Redwood, Forest Green, Black, or Caribbean Blue.

When installing NuPlay Rubber Mulch, please keep in mind to select a location that will not hold water. Although rubber mulch does not absorb water, the mulch will not alone fix a drainage problem. Ideally the site will have a slight grade. If a grade is not possible, it is highly recommended to install a compacted and crushed stone base to allow drainage.

Like all loose fill playground surfaces we recommend NuPlay Rubber Mulch be installed with a border such as plastic or rubber timber. These timbers are readily available and some can even ship with your mulch purchase, thus leading to a savings in shipping costs.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any returns on rubber mulch products. ALL MULCH SALES ARE FINAL. Thank you very mulch for your understanding.

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