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6-Piece Intermediate BarkPark Kit

  • 6-Piece Intermediate BarkPark Kit
  • Doggie Crawl
  • Jump Over Rover
  • Hoop Jump
  • Paws Grooming Table
  • Stepping Paws
  • King of the Hill

6-Piece Intermediate BarkPark Kit

Manufacturer: Ultra Site

568.00 LBS
3-4 weeks, Ships Freight
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$5,649.00 You Save: 17%($1,157.00)

Product Highlights:
  • Designed for the average dog
  • Wonderful set for new or established parks
  • Paws Grooming Table works with any size dog
  • Includes 5 of common events from dog competitions

Product Description

The 6-Piece Intermediate BarkPark Kit by Ultra Site, is designed for communities that have a fair number of four-legged companions, large and small alike. The pups at the park will jump for joy at the adjustable heights of theRover Jump Over. Then even the largest dog in the neighborhood will be challenged to balance in a game of "The-Floor-Is-Lava" on the Stepping Paws. No matter what energy level the dog has, the King of the Hill offers a fun path to clamber up and down. The Hoop Jump offers three varying levels of difficult with its offset rings. However, even the most unathletic dog will be able to enjoy the Doggie Crawl that offers them a portal to other side. Finally, owners will be able to clean up their beloved fur babies on the Paws Grooming Table to complete their day at the park.

Take it to the next level with the 9-Piece Expert BarkPark Kit or for those who have less space, check out the 4-Piece Novice BarkPark Kit.

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