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A Guide for Outdoor and Indoor Runners

Running has a multitude of health benefits. People who run receive an excellent cardiovascular workout, which helps keep the heart healthy. Running also burns calories at a high rate, and it builds muscle tissue. With its many health benefits, running demands correct technique. Improper training could lead to injuries, which can sideline you and prevent you from running, instead leading you to a seated position on a park bench. Children often get their needed exercise from climbing playground equipment. While the kids get beneficial exercise on the park and play equipment, parents can stay healthy with a training program that will build strength and endurance.

Benefits of Running

Diet and Nutrition for Runners

Motion and Mechanics of Running

  • The gait cycle of running involves no period when both feet are on the ground at the same time.
  • Forefoot striking is better for the body because it involves less impact throughout the body.
  • Runners can avoid overuse injuries by paying attention to their body mechanics during running. Abnormal pelvic biomechanics can lead to injuries.

Elements of Proper Running Technique

Running Injuries and Safety

  • Some of the most common running injuries include plantar fascitis, muscle tears, and stress fractures.
  • People who overuse their muscles by running too much may experience overuse injuries such as shin splints and achilles tendonitis.
  • Plantar fasciitis is an overuse injury that involves tissues located on the bottom of the foot.
  • Runner's knee involves pain radiating from the kneecap, and it occurs when a tendon is repetitively lengthened during running.


  • Effective training should involve variable routes and distances to build up endurance.
  • A pyramid training technique involves intervals that increase and then decrease in distance.
  • A 5K training program likely involves a number of different runs, including a long run, a progression run, and a tempo run.
  • When training, adequate rest is an important component to ensure recovery.
  • Training for a long distance doesn't require only building endurance: In fact, mixing in some sprints can help build strength through activity.

Running Events

  • Middle-distance runners utilize both aerobic and anaerobic energy at the same time to complete an event.
  • Daily training and diligence can help a long-distance runner achieve the proverbial runner's high.
  • Ultra running involves an extremely long distance or a long period of time for the race.

Miscellaneous Running Information

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