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Angeles Mini Scooter

Special Price $225.00
Regular Price $250.00 You Save 10% ($25.00)
Unit Size:
37" x 20" x 27"

  • Features two sturdy wheels
  • Made from high-quality steel and plastic
  • Brakes are intuitively designed
  • Safe, effective way to get kids to play outside
  • Availability

    2-8 weeks


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Product Description

The Angeles Mini Scooter helps kids attain a level of balance while allowing them to engage in active, outdoor play with their peers. As opposed to bikes, which have a great deal of gears and hand grips, scooters have fewer moving parts, meaning they require less frequent maintenance. Scooters are also great for the spine and neck, as the upright, standing position one takes when riding a scooter will inevitably lead to fewer sore spots than one would get from prolonged sitting on a bike seat. Additionally, the risk factor of riding a scooter as opposed to a bike is much lower, given that one has much more control over their speed and direction on a scooter. The riding position of scooters is also very natural, and the footplate is low to the ground in case one needs to hop off quickly. The Angeles Mini Scooter is a great addition to any kid’s repertoire of outdoor toys.

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