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Double Nature Bowls

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Double Nature Bowl

109.00 LBS
3-4 weeks, Ships Freight
List Price:
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$1,084.00 You Save: 12%($154.00)

Age Group:
6 months to 5 years
Product Highlights:
  • Two interconnected bowls
  • Five sturdy support posts
  • Available with or without lids
  • Can be filled with either wet or dry items

Product Description

If you thought that the single Nature Bowl was incredible, then prepare to be blown away by the Double Nature Bowl. This revolutionary product includes two separate nature bowls which can be used to store any natural treasures that kids discover outdoors. These sturdy basins make ideal temporary terrariums or aquariums, and have a drainage hole and plug at the bottom which make them easy to empty, clean, and re-use. One bowl can be used for sand and dry activities, while the other can be filled up with water and floating toys. We even offer an optional water pump which can circulate water into one of the bowls from a reservoir beneath it.

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