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Honeycomb Steel Curled Bench with Back - Portable

  • Honeycomb Steel Curled Bench with Back - Portable

Honeycomb Steel Curled Bench With Back

Manufacturer: MyTCoat

101.00 LBS
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Product Highlights:
  • Rests upon two 2-3/8 powder coated steel posts
  • Curled edges improve aesthetics and reduce sharp corners
  • A backless version is also available
  • Find a color to suit your design amongst our many options

Product Description

MyTCoat's Honeycomb Steel Curled Bench with Back is a useful outdoor bench which features rounded edges on the sides of its seat and back, giving it a pleasant and kid-friendly appearance while also adding some additional comfort. The seat and back are made from curved sheets of steel with a pattern of circular holes. These holes help cool down the bench during the hottest times of the year, so when someone really needs a rest, they'll find a nice, cool bench waiting for them. Additionally, the holes make the bench more lightweight, which is particularly important if you choose the portable mount. For permanent installation, we also offer surface mounts and in-ground mounts that can be used to attach the bench to different surfaces. Select the length you're looking for, from a cozy 4 feet to a more expansive 6 feet for those busier spots. The Honeycomb Steel Curled Bench with Back is available in many different colors, so your bench can be either bright and inviting or a little more stately, depending on your taste. There is also a Honeycomb Steel Curled Bench without Back for those who would like to go back-free.

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