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165.00 LBS
3-4 weeks, Ships Freight
List Price:
Your Price:
$878.00 You Save: 20%($225.00)
Age Group:
6 months to 5 years
Product Highlights:
  • Simple store front
  • Has a slanted awning
  • Counter to place things on
  • Compact, versatile play structure

Product Description

This simple and versatile village structure acts as a blank canvas upon which children can project their stories and imaginative play. Kids can use our Market 2 Post to create a lemonade stand, act out a farmers market, or construct a pretend library. The possibilities for exploration and entertainment are virtually infinite. Perfect for playgrounds or a creative and unconventional backyard space, The Market 2 Post includes a Half-Village Roof with graphics and a Storefront Panel with graphics, and can be installed to be freestanding or attached to an existing wall. Our inground panel is designed to be ADA accessible, ensuring that children of all abilities can participate in the fun.

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